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This Month in Mobile News: Bloomberg Debuts TicToc on Twitter

The media and money making machine known as New York’s Bloomberg group has made a foray into social media news with its first global news network streaming online and live on Twitter. This launch is part of a continued effort by Twitter to collaborate with a wide range of broadcasters and media groups to reach more of their users with a wide array of content. Over the next few months, Twitter has been transforming their general platform into a place where people come to find televised or broadcast content. Bloomberg’s TicToc will be Twitters first news network constructed to cater directly to the social media users in a way that’s convenient to them, keeping them updated on the news without forcing them to move off of their Twitter feed. To take part in TicToc, you simply have to follow the newsfeed on the @TicToc account and from then on a steady stream of news will follow. Once the account is added, users will be able to enjoy breaking news as well as video and audio content on Twitter from the comfort of their feed. And then there is the bonus of having all the content curated by Bloomberg and a team of reporters, producers, editors, and newscasters. The release date for TicToc by Bloomberg has been set for December 18, 2017. Bloomberg is sparing no expense and staffing TicToc with experienced news hounds as well as tech-savvy social media mavens. This team of 50 will be managed by Scott Havens the head of global digital for Bloomberg, and Mindy Masucci will be the editorial head of the organization. Bloomberg’s ultimate goal is to become the first social media network using a combination of Twitter’s broad reach, user feedback, and Bloomberg’s pedigree and well-curated content. What Bloomberg wants you to remember, is that TicToc is its own entity generating its content for you Twitter users. While it is still New York-based and supported by Bloomberg television TicToc is separate from that entity. TicToc will differentiate itself from other Twitter-based news products such as the financial focused outlet Cheddar which is typically available on Roku, Sling, Amazon and other mobile apps such as Twitter. TicToc even has its separate branding from Bloomberg with a vibrant mint green background on a supporting black type in bold, and a custom font created by Bloomberg called Avenir next. This branding is part of a greater effort to put TicToc at the front of people’s minds when they think of the news. Further, given Bloomberg’s media power and confidence in TicToc, the acquisition of several sponsors including CA technologies AT&T, CME group, Infiniti, Goldman Sachs, and TD Ameritrade has already been announced. According to Axios, each of these entities will pay somewhere between 1.5 million and $3 million as partners. The names TicToc is meant to reference a bit of classic journalism jargon, specifically a term of art used for when a piece of news gives readers the play-by-play of events in systematic chronological order, i.e., the TicToc of the President’s speech. Bloomberg is still keeping the details of the deal and the creation of TicToc as an organization under wraps, and this includes news about programming, talent, and anchors. TicToc was created to compete in an era where immediacy is as important as the quality of news and most people consume their news on smartphones. Bloomberg is attempting to stay in touch with this trend in dynamic news delivered directly to mobile devices, and their partnership with Twitter and the creation of TicToc as a 24-hour news network is a resounding step in the right direction according to heads at Bloomberg.