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Editing Photos In iOS 8

Editing Photos on IOS8The new iOS 8 has even more photo editing options than ever before. Pre and post-production, you can slow video down, slow your shutter speed, change lighting and enhance colors. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Within the OS itself, there are many options to get your pictures just how you want them, whether that be black and white, or painting quality. Besides the new OS, there are also numerous apps that do even more to jazz up and enhance your images. We’d like to first start with what your device can do all on its own (if of course you are an iPhone user) and then tell you all about some fun apps you can download to do even more. Auto-Enhance Once you have entered the Editing tool in your photos icon, you can start by using the auto-enhance feature to quickly adjust color and lighting. Just tap the wand tool and the feature will adjust itself. Crop - Rotate You can also use the cropping feature to zoom into the area of the photo that you want, and cut out parts that you don’t. The rotate feature also lets you adjust how the picture is viewed, just in case you weren’t as precise as you’d like when snapped the original. Zoom In addition to zooming in the cropping feature, you can zoom in using your fingers as well. This can be done while taking a picture or after. Red Eye Removal Tap the red eye removal tool and then tap over each eye that is red. The feature will automatically remove the redness and fill it in with a darkened hue. Photo Filters Photo filters (three bubbles tied together) adjusts the overall color and lighting before or after picture taking. There are quite a few options, including chrome and black and white. Adjustments A new feature to the iOS 8 picture taking experience is the adjustment tool. Once you tap the wheel icon, a small slideshow will appear next to your photo. You can slide the line inside the show and watch your picture transform. Once you have decided which setting is best, just hit save. Instagram Instagram has some of the same options as your photo feature in your phone, but you can also add borders, and have more lighting options. Not to mention the social network that comes along with the app. Manual In addition to the new features in the OS, the Manual app gives you even more room to adjust while you snap pics. You can raise the ISO and speed up the shutter speed when taking pictures in the dark. Keep in mind though, this app is only for taking pictures. Once you’ve snapped, you’ll need another app to adjust further. SimplyB&W One of the best for black and white images, SimplyB&W lets you use multiple templates to turn your photos into classic looking images. You can also use their border tool to give your picture a faded edge. SKRWT - distortion filtering When taking pictures of buildings or other large objects, often the center of the object becomes distorted and actually looks like it is pushing out at you in the middle. The SKRWT app takes care of that. This app will square the image in your phone, and allow you to also change the perspective of the image. Afterlight Afterlight is a great post-processing tool for the iPhone. It has many, many options that will take users a long time to get through. But don’t worry, it’s actually fun! Explore features like changing colors, making pics look torn and old, or just enhancing the overall image. It also has the simple tools that come on your phone as well, but allow you to do it all in one single app. We hope you are enjoying the new iOS when it comes to taking and editing your images. These apps should give you even more options, and take your photo experience to a whole new level.