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Everything You Need To Know About Broken Phone Screen Repair

If you are seeking broken phone screen repairs, allow us to explain the different types of broken screen repairs, phone insurance and preventative measures. Regardless if you have a cracked phone screen or completely smashed screen, it can usually be repaired. In many cases your phone continues to operate just fine with the broken screen, but over time broken or cracked screens are at risk of further damage. It is best to conduct phone repairs as soon as possible to prevent the need for more costly repairs.

When you get around to repairs you will notice a variety of options and pricing. There are online tutorials that’ll teach you how to fix your phone at home, or you can seek help from a professional. If you have phone insurance it may influence the best place for you to have your device repaired.

3 Ways To Fix Your Broken Phone Screen

There are three common ways you can fix a broken screen…

#1. DIY Phone Repairs

There are a variety of phone screen repair kits offered for sale, but before you invest in buying repair kits and replacement parts make sure you are prepared to tackle the task. Otherwise, you could end up wasting money on repair kits and parts that only further break your device.

Certain phones are much easier to fix than others. For instance, iPhones are the trickiest to repair and many that attempt to fix their iPhone end up regretting it. DIY repairs should be reserved for people with a working knowledge of phone parts and experience taking similar devices apart and putting them back together. Keep in mind, conducting repairs DIY-style is risky because it can void your warranty or insurance.

#2. Manufacturer Or Service Provider Repairs

The manufacturer of your device or your service provider can repair your broken phone. This is a good option if you pay for insurance on your device. Your insurance will only cover so many damages within a given year, always inquire about the cost of repairs with your insurance beforehand. Even if your device is relatively new and still covered under the basic warranty, that does not mean you will get any slack on the cost to repair a broken screen.

#3. Third Party Phone Repairs

Third party repair shops, like My Broken Phone, offer a safe, secure, and affordable way to have your phone repairs conducted right on the spot. All third party phone repair shops operate differently. It’s important to look up reviews and ask the right questions before letting just anyone fix your device.

Using low quality parts may cause your device to fail in the future, and yet a lot of third party repairs shops use the cheapest and lowest quality phone parts. One of the most common consequences of using low quality repair parts is the screen will completely stop working and go black shortly after repairs are conducted.

We can fix your device directly in front of you for added security and peace of mind. Plus, we vow to use only high quality repair parts that look and function just like your original parts.

What If You Have Phone Insurance?

While phone insurance rarely pays off, in the instance you break your phone screen you’ll be glad you have it. Always check to see if you have insurance and if broken screens are covered under your plan.

If you have an iPhone with AppleCare +, most newer models only cost $29 for screen repairs. However, you can only use AppleCare + for 1-2 claims per year. Similarly to Apple, Samsung offers Samsung Protection Plus. You can make 2 claims for accidental damages per year. The deductible is $79 dollars and Google outsources repairs to a 3rd party repair shop.

How To Prevent A Broken Phone

Glass tempered screen protectors, multi-layer cases, and Lifeproof phone cases can all help prevent a broken phone from happening in the first place. Even with screen protectors and other preventative methods it is still possible for your screen to crack or break, but it’s far less likely.

In the instance your phone screen breaks, bring it on in to My Broken Phone for affordable on-the-spot repairs you can count on every single day of the week!