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How Siri Works!

Reading Your Voice smartphone-300x200Siri works right out of the box, and the more you use her the better she will understand you. By using voice recognition algorithms, Siri learns about you; for example your accent and other characteristics in your voice and then categorizes it into one of the dialects or accents that it is able to understand. The more Siri is used worldwide and is exposed to more of the variations of language, Siri will get better at recognizing dialects and accents, and she will continue to improve and work even better.

Additionally, Siri is also capable of using the information stored in your contacts, music library, and calendars to better understand the things you say. It is highly intuitive and the more you use it the more it learns. By asking to make a call, play music, or even to create a reminder or appointment Siri will begin to respond more accurately to you.

Siri also has the capacity to know who you are and will use your information to better help you when you give it a task. Storing your information will allow Siri to help you with questions such as “Are there any good restaurants near my work?” or “What is the quickest route home?” Siri will also learn about you by the key people in your life. The first time you ask Siri to call your cousin for example, it will ask who your cousin is and that information will then be stored in your Contacts along with other relationship information, like “husband,” “father,” and “sister.” After storing that Contact, the next time you say, “call my cousin” Siri will instantly know who your cousin is and dial them up.

What Does Siri Do? Siri does a slew of things. From asking it to make a call, search the web for specific information, to finding a business and scheduling a reminder – Siri is the ultimate personal assistant in your hand. Asking Siri “What can you do for me,” or tapping the “I” in the right corner of the screen, Siri will present you with examples of what it can provide for you for along with ways things can be asked for. Siri also works with almost all built-in apps. It is intuitive enough to figure out which app is the right one when providing you with answers.

Although Siri is still considered in beta, it is a very powerful tool to be used. And because it still is in beta means it will only get better with age and include more features! With all the usage your iPhone will see, damage or breakage is more likely to occur. When you need iPhone repair, My Broken Phone is your company! Check us out today!