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iPhone Battery Replacement: Will I Lose My Data?

iPhone Battery Replacement: Will I Lose My Data?

The iPhone provides us with many services. We can work from our phones by sending emails, joining work calls, and more. Outside of work, we text or facetime our friends, order dinner, and check our social media. Over time, your battery may start to show signs of needing an iPhone 6 or iPhone 7 battery replacement. If you are considering taking your iPhone to a professional for battery replacement, you might be wondering if the process will affect your phone’s data.

Signs You Need an iPhone Battery Replacement

There are many signs that your phone’s battery might need iPhone 7 battery replacement. For one, your iPhone might shut down unexpectedly. In this case, you might try to soft reset by holding the sleep/wake buttons and the home button. If this does not work, your battery might need to be replaced.

Your phone might only work when it is plugged in or feels hot to the touch. However, if your phone is hot after being exposed to heat (such as the sun), your battery might be fine. One of the more annoying signs of your iPhone 6 battery needing replacement involves your battery’s life. If you have a fully charged iPhone that is close to death only after a few hours, your battery most likely needs replacement. This is very common in iPhones that are a few years old.

If your iPhone feels sluggish, you might be in line for iPhone 6 battery replacement. One of the more obvious signs you need a battery replacement involves an overgrown battery. In this case, your battery has swollen up to the point that your phone has broken open. While the other signs are less obvious, this one will be sure to draw concern. If your iPhone’s battery has overgrown, be sure not to puncture the pack.

Will iPhone 7 Battery Replacement Affect My Data?

While it is uncommon to lose data during a battery replacement, there is always a chance. The battery replacement itself will not cause any data loss, but if something were to go wrong, it could wipe the iPhone. This is very likely if you try to replace your battery yourself.

While it might seem tempting to take the cheaper option of ordering a new battery to plant in your phone yourself, this choice can lead to pricier repairs. For one, the tools that might come with your battery are cheaply made and not as precise as a professional’s. When your phone is open, the tiniest fumble could lead to major damage.

Backing Up Your iPhone

To prevent any loss of data, you should backup your device. Even if your phone is functioning and healthy, you should still back up data from time to time, as you never know when accidents involving your phone could happen. To backup your iPhone with iCloud, you simply need to be connected to wi-fi. Go into settings, choose your name, and tap “iCloud.” From there, you choose “iCloud Backup” and “Back Up Now.” Now you have a backup for your data!

iPhone Battery Replacement With My Broken Phone

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