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Broken iPhone: Replace Vs. Repair

So you’ve broken your iPhone. Should you start looking for iPhone repair, or not even bother trying? Is replacing the whole phone better than the iPhone repair cost, in terms of both money and time? Here are a few things to consider when deciding whether you should replace your smartphone or find Apple iPhone repair.


The decision between iPhone repair and replacement lies heavily in what type of damage your phone has gone through. If the screen is cracked or the battery is old, those parts of the phone can be replaced fairly easily. Internal damage may not be resolved so quickly. If multiple parts of your phone are broken, replacement might be the better option. Anything cosmetic or only connected to a single, replaceable part of your phone means iPhone repair will do the trick.


iPhone repair cost is one of the number one things people think about when they break their smartphones. In most cases, repair is significantly cheaper than replacement. This is especially true if you have one of the newest iPhones. Not all iPhone repair is the same price, either. More severe damage will cost more to fix. Apple iPhone repair is usually more expensive than independent phone repair shops. As long as you have an expert fixing your phone, they don’t have to come from the company that made the device.


If you are thinking about your carbon footprint, you will want iPhone repair. Ever bought a new phone and then had no idea what to do with the old one? Broken phones that get thrown in the trash can release harmful chemicals into the environment if they are cracked open. Old iPhones sitting around in drawers with no real use aren’t exactly a great use of resources, either. Fixing your phone is definitely a more environmentally-friendly choice.


Some people choose to pay for insurance or a warranty along with their new phone. That way if it ever gets damaged or lost, they don’t have to cover the entire cost of replacement or repair. If you have a good warranty, use it. Don’t feel like you have to pay for one if you are getting a new phone, though. They often end up not being worth it.

Age and Upgrade

When weighing the pros and cons of iPhone repair and replacement, consider the age of your phone. Replacing an iPhone XR is one thing, while an iPhone 6 is entirely another. Now might be the perfect time to update if you have an older model. If your phone is relatively new, iPhone repair is probably the way to go.


There’s another iPhone repair cost that many people don’t think about: time. How long can you go without a phone? For many of us, a day is too long. Apple iPhone repair can take a long time, especially if you have to leave your phone at the Apple Store or ship it away to get fixed. In some cases, buying a new phone can take even longer, depending on shipping and how long it takes your wireless provider to activate the new device. There is a solution, though.

iPhone Repair Near Me

So you’ve decided on iPhone repair, but you are worried about how much money and time it is going to cost you. My Broken Phone is here to help. Their iPhone repair is fast and cheap without compromising effectiveness. If your phone is beyond repair, My Broken Phone will pay for your old device. To find a repair shop near you, simply go to their website and type in your zip code. iPhone repair has never been simpler.