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iOS 11 Issues That Can Be Fixed and Why Some Can't

Ah, the Apple iOS 11, the do-everything system including the system that is hosting a lot of bugs. Apple is working like mad to fix them. Some iOS 11 issues you’ll just have to wait for or wait on hold on the helpline while listening to music that is supposed to make you mellow but doesn’t. Happily, you can fix some problems yourself even if you are not a tech. Following are some common iOS 11 issues and some easy fixes: Not enough space to install Apple’s latest update requires more than 2GB of space on your phone. If you have a 16GB device, this extra 2GB is quite a bit. You can make space by deleting old photos and videos or iOS can recommend apps to remove until the update is completed. Then, it will automatically reinstall them. Apps not working With iOS 11, Apple does not support phones and apps that are still 32-bit. With the iPhone 5S, Apple changed to a 64-bit processor. Phones before the iPhone 5S are not compatible with iOS11, and apps not updated in the last few years to support 64-bit will not work. Siri not Available

  • make sure network connection is good, either cellular or Wi-Fi; and/or
  • if you have Bluetooth on, turn it off and try activating Siri again; and/or
  • go to Settings>Siri and turn “Hey Siri” on if it is off; or
  • reset your settings by going to Settings>General > Reset > Reset All Settings. Then, set up Siri again.

Battery is draining too quickly

  • restart your phone;
  • disable widgets: on home screen swipe to the right, scroll to the bottom of widgets and select “edit,” deactivate widgets by tapping the red circle with the white line and tapping “remove”; and/or
  • use low power mode by going to Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode > and toggle it on;
  • disable “raise to wake” by going to Settings> Display & Brightness and toggle the “Raise to Wake” off; and/or
  • turn off background App Refresh by going to Settings > General > Background App Refresh. Turn it off.

Apple Pay Cash **doesn’t work Use another pay app. This feature was not included in the launch, so you cannot make direct payments to friends through Apple Pay Cash until Apple makes this application available in an update. Mail application won’t receive mail and message reads “password is incorrect”**

  • open “settings” and select “choose mails”;
  • select Accounts then select the one you’re having problems with and sign out of that program;
  • under Accounts list select “add account” and then add your email account.

Phone can’t receive calls or make calls

  • reset your network settings; and/or
  • check to see if you have blocked phone numbers then unblock; and/or
  • update your phone carrier; and/or
  • remove your SIM card and re-insert it;
  • if all else fails, set your phone up as new.

Cannot connect to App Store (App Store is “not working” or “down”)

  • turn on Cellular/Mobile Data for App Store. Go to Settings > iTunes Store&App Store > Enable Cellular data;
  • sign out from iTunes and then sign in.

Charger is not working

  • do not use a low-quality cable; use an Apple compatible USB cable;
  • make sure your cable is not damaged;
  • do a hard reset.

If these suggestions do not work, use a new USB cable. Sound cuts out

  • restart your device by holding down the power button or sliding to turn off, then turn it back on; and/or’
  • turn Bluetooth off and on; and/or
  • if sound problems occur only with a specific app, make sure you are running the latest version; and/or
  • check speaker grill and remove any debris.

These are not the only reported iOS 11 issues. Helplines exist for a reason, which brings us to another problem: Waiting on hold for the help desk, you can paint a wall, learn a new language, and complete a 5,000 piece jigsaw puzzle. For speedy, personal, and expert service, contact us. We fix phones and other mobile devices and quickly respond so we can help resolve issues you may have with the latest technology like iOS 11 issues.