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iPhone 5s Repairability

Iphone partsAs Apple releases newer and newer devices, such as the iPhone 5; DIY (do it yourself) repairs have become more prevalent. Additionally Apple is creating products that, for simple repairs such as a cracked screen repair, are becoming easier for the average do it yourself to do at home. “Repair” is a way to help fix the world and it is important that everyone has the knowledge enabling them to repair things, even if they choose to not do it themselves.

The new iPhone, the iPhone 5 is a cutting edge piece of technology, the best iPhone Apple has produced to date in many people’s opinions. But what makes it really great is the reparability of this new iPhone. Sure, you may often hear people say “ I am not going to repair my own phone so what does it matter if it is easily repairable?” Others may say that Apple should focus less on the reparability of the phone and more on producing high quality cutting edge products that work. Still. being able to produce new and exciting technology for a device that is easily repairable is highly beneficial for both the consumer and Apple.

iPhone repair has been needed throughout the history of the smartphone. Almost twelve percent of iPhone 3Gs failed within their first year, additionally batteries go dead and you would be hard pressed to find an iPhone owner who has not cracked their screen at least once. Based on replacement part sales for iPhone 4S , the four most frequently replaced parts were to the display assembly, rear glass panel, the home button, and the battery.

Apple realizes that the less time techs spend on the cell phone repair, the more repairs they get through in a day making it highly productive to produce an iPhone that is easy to repair. Additionally other costs are considered, including the parts, labor at the Genius Bar plus dissatisfied customers. Having a quick turn around time translates into customer loyalty and having learned from past design mistakes, they have made up for it considerably in the iPhone 5. With a shatterproof back panel, an easily replaceable battery, a display assembly that is easily accessible, plus a modular bracketed home button, time and money will be saved on the four most common parts that need replacement on the iPhone.

Apple has created an iPhone that is more durable and less prone to breaking, outperforming the Samsung Galaxy S3 during an early drop test. Apple really stepped it up in the right direction and started designing for reliability and reparability. Even though the iPhone 5 is more durable you may still encounter problems and may need repairs.

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