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Is The iPhone 6 Bendable?

Is The iPhone 6 BendableIs The iPhone 6 Bendable?

You CAN bend the iPhone 6 with your bare hands. That fact is undisputable. After all, plenty of bloggers and news sources have successfully done so on camera. The question everyone currently coveting, or already in ownership of a new iPhone 6 wants to know: how likely is the phone going to bend?

BendGate Goes Viral

The news first hit social media after Lewis Hilsenteger filmed himself breaking the iPhone 6 Plus using only his bare hands. Apple admits that nine phone users have reported a bent iPhone issue, although people looking to get in on the hashtag “BendGate” have broken plenty of other iPhones. Take two British teenagers for instance, Kylie and Danny filmed themselves entering an Apple store and bending the iPhone 6 Plus so much the screen popped out of the case. While they admit it was rather easy to bend the phone, they also admit what they did was wrong. Videos like this may cause you serious concern about owning one of the new iPhones, so what are the scientific facts behind the bendability of the iPhone 6.

How iPhone 6 Holds Up In Comparison To Other Smartphones

Two engineers that work closely with Apple told reporters the whole issue is rather embarrassing for the tech giant, but they are surprised it has gotten so much attention. In reality, other phones can bend when pushed hard enough and the latest iPhones _do_ meet Apple’s sturdiness standards. Consumer Reports has taken the device to the laboratory in hopes of discovering just how scientifically sensitive the iPhone 6 Plus is. According to Consumer Reports, the phone is able to withstand more pressure before bending than Apple requires before releasing a product. Besides the HTC One, all other comparable smartphones are able to withstand more pounds of pressure before showing signs of deformation. The results are as follows:

  • HTC One breaks with 70 pounds of pressure
  • Apple iPhone 6 breaks with 70 pounds of pressure
  • Apple iPhone 6 Plus breaks with 90 pounds of pressure
  • Apple iPhone 5 breaks with 130 pounds of pressure
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 breaks with 150 pounds of pressure

(Learn more) In order for the case to separate from the glass, 100 pounds of pressure must be applied to the iPhone 6, and 110 pounds of pressure to the iPhone 6 Plus. It seems pretty reasonable that any one of these phones could break if placed in your pocket and sat on in a particular way. Meaning, more iPhones are sure to be reported as bent as time goes on and more people order the phone. Unarguably, many more iPhones will incur a cracked screen, but Apple has never gotten nearly as much heat for that.

What Does Apple Have To Say About Their Bendy Phone?

Foxconn Technology Group is known for being outspoken as well as creating the Apple iPhone 6. The CEO Terry Gou has already made public statements that argue the “BendGate” issue is being spurred on by rivals. Gou adds that in reality it is very rare for the iPhone to bend, and the whole thing has been majorly blown out of proportion. Some phones are being made with graphite so that they can actually bend and flex without breaking. In June, before the latest iPhone was ever released, Gou ironically poked fun at these phones saying, “People are talking about, wow, displays that can transform, but they forget that you have to be able to use the device.”

Should You Still Order The iPhone 6?

The phone looks pretty awesome, and many Apple fans have been waiting in anticipation for a larger screen, but is the comparable Samsung a better choice? I know a lot of people debating if they really want the iPhone 6 now, and I would be too if I were due for an upgrade anytime soon. Some curious shoppers have taken things into their own hands, actually entering the Apple store and bending the latest iPhone to see if it will break. Apple has come out and asked people to please stop doing this, after all just because there are reports that you can bend it doesn’t make it okay to go into a store and destroy property. If you drop your iPhone the screen will crack, but that doesn’t mean people run into Apple stores to drop phones and watch it happen. Some people agree that it is rude to destroy any property that does not belong to you, while others blame Apple for selling high priced items that are not fit to stand up to the ‘bend’ test. In Apple’s defense, it is a piece of technology, and since when has technology ever been unbreakable? It’s hard to take a firm stance on the issue; after all one Reddit user made fun of people freaking out about the bending iPhone, and bought one anyways. He put his phone in a sturdy case and “babied” it, but only a couple weeks later his phone bent (Read more).

What Do You Do If Your iPhone Bends?

Within the first weekend of its release over 10 million iPhones were sold, so what happens when more of these devices bend? Humorous jokes are popping up all over the Internet claiming to be the tool to fix your broken iPhone. One tool in particular is being called the “iPhone PanelPress.” Demo videos detail that by removing the screen and placing your phone within the chamber-like device the bend will be straightened out like new. Welcome back to the real world, Apple says that you can bring your bent phone into any one of their stores for a free replacement, so long as your phone clears a Visual Mechanical Inspection. So what do you think, will you still be buying the latest iPhone 6?