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How Do The Latest HTC Phones Stand Up To The Competition

HTC Phone2014 was a good year for HTC. For starters, the HTC ONE M8 hit stores with great success, so much so fans are already eagerly awaiting the release of the HTC ONE M9. Although, some rumors suggest the newest HTC phone expected for release this year will be called something else altogether. Whatever it is called, the upcoming HTC release is expected to be announced around the 3rd or 5th of March in the UK. If you are a big HTC fan, or if you’re still on the fence about trying out this model phone, learn more about the latest HTC mobile devices.

The High Tech Cell Phone: The HTC ONE M8

If you’re new to the world of HTC phones, here’s a refresher on one of HTC’s most popular phone models on the market. The HTC ONE M8 phone has scored rave reviews from customers, who love many things about the sleekly designed phone made of aluminum. Like the depth-sensing camera, crisp speakers, and sharp 5-inch display screen with full HD resolution at 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. The HTC ONE M8 operates Android KitKat using the power of its quad-core processor. The cons of this phone are that the battery is not accessible and when it eventually dies, as batteries are guaranteed to do, the phone is toast as well. Unlike some of its competitors the ONE M8 is not waterproof, and it doesn’t take the best photos—then again, the iPhone doesn’t offer the best camera either and look how many people buy it regardless. While many people love the ONE M8 the phone they didn’t sell quite enough for HTC to get overly confident. Meaning HTC is still bidding for your approval by offering lower prices than some of the competition.

The Competition: Samsung

The biggest competitor to the HTC ONE M8 is easily the Samsung Galaxy S5. While the Samsung phone comes packing more features most of them will never be used by the average cell phone user. The HTC phone has all of the features that matter, like swift processing speeds and a great user interface. When appearances are taken into consideration, the HTC is so sleek and sophisticated many agree it outdoes Samsung by far. Still, the Samsung Galaxy does have a few things over the HTC ONE M8, such as a fingerprint sensor and heart rate monitor, plus it’s lighter to carry around.

The Affordable Smartphone: HTC Desire 510

You are not going to find a smartphone that offers 4G LTE for less money than the HTC Desire 510, which offers quite a great deal. The associated perks with this phone are vast, including easy to use Android KitKat software, a swift processor, and decent battery life. The HTC Desire has a 4.7-inch screen and 840x480 pixels display, which is considered weak for a smartphone these days, but it doesn’t look too terrible in person. If you love taking high-quality photos though, this might not be the best camera for you on the market. If you are a technology geek looking for a phone that comes with all of the bells and whistles, we also suggest looking elsewhere. If pictures and high tech features are less important, and you are instead looking for a good deal on a smartphone that can handle basic business, this is a great option to consider. While the HTC ONE M8 is very sleek and pretty, the HTC Desire 510 is sort of like its clunky little sibling. While it isn’t very big, it sure is hefty to hold. And with only 8GB of built-in storage, you’ll be glad this phone allows you to add memory via microSD card. This phone is designed for customers looking to score a good deal on a reliable smartphone, hence why many of the fancy corners are cut. So while HTC has made an amazing phone with the ONE M8, you can’t make much comparison to the more affordable HTC Desire 510 option. Offering both high and low-end smartphones is only the beginning of HTC’s plan to dominate the industry. The brand promises that their upcoming phones will include all new capabilities, some of which have never been seen before and could be considered significant game changers.

What Does 2015 Have In Store For HTC?

This year is expected be bigger than ever for HTC, according to Drew Bamford, the company’s chief of design and user experience, HTC started off making phones for others, and then began producing its own devices. Now they are about to enter what Bamford calls the smartphone’s “next life.” This year HTC plans to prove themselves as the personal tech brand, instead of just another one of those smartphone makers. According to Bamford it’s not about creating “gadgets”, “When we think of the word ‘gadget,’ we think of something that people buy and throw away in three months.” He and his team are busy building something they say is much better than any gadget. Perhaps the big changes in store have something to do with their recent partnership with Under Armour, the two are currently collaborating on an extensive line of wearable technology. HTC also remains focused on integrating entertainment into their devices. They refer to a product expected for release sometime during the first quarter of this year, “a totally new space.” The company also reveals, “The goal is not only to transform HTC’s product, but to transform HTC’s whole internal culture.” (Read more) The future could very well be big and bright for HTC, more so than anyone ever expected. Apple and Samsung currently cling tight to a larger market share, but with some more awesome phones like the HTC ONE M8, and the introduction of game changing features and wearable technology, the buzz might soon shift into HTC’s corner. For speedy cell phone repairs, and the latest mobile devices and accessories, visit your local My Broken Phone today!