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This Month in Mobile News: Grammarly Announces Keyboard for Android

Like many of us you’ve probably noticed that the grammar and syntax of text messaging have dramatically diminished. Aside from the occasional strict grammar aficionado most of us rush through our text messages, forgetting punctuation and simple lessons like “i” before “e,” and simply go on typing out our dinner plans. Fortunately, the Grammarly keyboard makes each of your text messages more legible and more precise. Grammarly is one of the premier grammar checking and editing software options available on the Internet, with many writers professionals and academics trusting it for first drafts. Now they’ve come to combat the willful grammatical ignorance that has spread across the world thanks to lax text messages. Grammarly properly announced Grammarly Keyboard for the Android to reach out to the rest of the market after its iOS release. Fans of Grammarly as a desktop or laptop editing software platform are psyched to see it finally find its way to digital devices like smartphones. Recognizing that a significant number of people use text to collaborate in the workplace via mobile apps Grammarly sees an opening amongst the dedicated professionals who want to make the best impression with every message. The Grammarly Keyboard allows you to quickly respond to a client’s email, a post on Facebook, or the text you sent to your boss and have the most professional and polished grammar possible, all within the infrastructure of your smartphone. How Does The Grammarly Keyboard Function? As you type on your keyboard, Grammarly scrutinizes your writing to make sure there are no redundant words or punctuation issues to ensure an effective, clear, coherent and mistake-free message. With the premium Grammarly Keyboard app you can get suggestions on your vocabulary and except the changes without having to leave the screen making edits quick and efficient. Also, Grammarly Keyboard will give you detailed explanations on mistakes and suggestions on how to fix them. The Grammarly Keyboard comes in both British and American English, and you can add words to your dictionary with just a tap of your fingers. Why The World Needs A New Mobile Keyboard Likely the phone or device you’re reading this on doesn’t come with its own built-in keyboard. The fact is that the average mobile device no longer features a built-in keyboard, and the desktop as where people typically type most of their documents, but the keyboard concept is still relevant. However, it’s become more important than ever to be able to communicate quickly over text on mobile devices, and when it comes to composing your message the best way to do so, is with a functional keyboard. This is why the Grammarly Keyboard was designed to work effectively on your phone with no need to copy and paste edits. How To Get The Grammarly Keyboard If you have an Android device, getting the Grammarly Keyboard is just as easy as heading to the Google Play store, or if you have a device with an Apple iOS you can go to the App Store. However, the iOS version has been out for a while, so people have been using it with pronounced success, producing thoughtful, well reasoned, and grammatically correct messages. The instructions are easy, as it uses your current interface while working in conjunction with your existing text-based applications. Privacy Is Insured Grammarly is not an online device it’s an effective tool that works on your phone, while not recording your messages. Additionally, Grammarly features encryption and several security measures to ensure that all of your data stays safe and that the only consequence of using this app are well-written messages sent to those expecting clarity.