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The New iPhone X: Convenience and Security Features

For iPhone users who are considering upgrading to the new iPhone X, or even Android users who might be thinking about taking the leap and switching devices, there are a few key factors you should know about Apple’s newest product. While previous iPhone models have mostly followed the same blueprint as far as layout, button placement, screen sizes, and lock screen features, the iPhone X convenience and security features are an entirely new venture into the world of intelligent mobile phones. The iPhone X will have a much different appearance than its predecessors. The signature home button, used for things like Touch ID, will be replaced by a larger, crisp glass screen. The entire device will be comprised of glass, with the new screen style stretching up near the top speaker. Unlike previous iPhones, the X will not have a rectangular screen and will instead be shaped around the phone’s speaker. This feature is meant to make the screen appear as large as possible, though some apps not created with the screen shape in mind will simply square off the top corners instead of utilizing extra screen space. As far as charging the device, there are no cables required as every iPhone X is compatible with wireless charging. Not only will the new phones not have to be plugged in to charge, they are reported to hold two more hours of battery life than the previous iPhone 7 meaning you won’t have to charge them nearly as often. In addition to the iPhone X convenience and security features, the device will also be dust and water-resistant and offer improved performance as well as an improved camera. However, all of these new features do come with downfalls. Now users must swipe up in order to go to the home screen, as well as back out of any apps they may have opened. Some are worried this will interfere with normal app functions and lead to things like accidental deleted emails or user confusion. Though the glass screen is reinforced, if you do manage to crack it the lack of a home button will more or less render the X useless until the phone can be repaired. The most noted feature of the iPhone X, the ability to utilize facial recognition, is likely the most discussed topic regarding the new device. Many question the security capability of this feature, as facial recognition will now be used for actions such as making purchases and unlocking the iPhone. Using technology such as a dot projector and infrared projection, the device will make a virtual map of the user’s face that will search for a match each time the feature is enabled. If you’re worried about what might happen in the event there’s a slight change in your appearance, don’t fret-the X is designed to keep track of gradual facial changes over an extended period of time. All user information is stored on the device instead of being shared with iCloud to protect user identities. In the event that there are multiple missed matches with the facial recognition technology, entering a passcode via the touch screen is still an option for unlock. While the Face ID feature is considered much more secure than its predecessor, Touch ID (with 1 in 50,000 experiencing what is known as a false match,) it has been reported that there is still an opportunity for the technology to fail. In instances such as identical twins or children under 13, Face ID users may still run the risk of experiencing a false match. This means that if you have a twin, they will likely be able to unlock your phone without your permission. While this poses a minor inconvenience, Apple has taken great care with the iPhone X convenience and security features to ensure that user information is kept safe. The facial recognition feature is reported to only experience a false match in 1 of 1,000,000 instances making the iPhone X much more secure than previous models. In comparison to other iPhones consumers have seen in years past, the iPhone X is a much safer and a much more secure option, keeping data tucked away safely on the device away from data breaches and other threats. Apple has done a fantastic job of ramping up the iPhone X convenience and security features and keeping up with the newest mobile trends, leaving users with only the best in cellular devices. One can only guess the new horizons Apple will explore from here!