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Wallet Cell Phone Cases and More…

Cell Phone CasesEvery time you get a new phone, you have to also invest in a new case. Some people love their Otterboxes or Life Proof cases, but nowadays cases are so much more than just protective coverings. Cases have turned into phone stands, car clips and even small clutches. The particular case we will review in this article is the wallet case. They come in a variety of colors and fabrics, and often have other features incorporated as well. There are most likely thousands of different wallet cases to choose from, but we’ve narrowed it down to cases that have specific other features, such as a stand, or are made out of leather.

Non-Flip Open Wallet Cases

Some people do not like the idea of a big bulky case that holds their phone, money, and credit cards. And that is totally alright, because there are cases like the Targus Wallet Case and the Otterbox Wallet Series that stash your personal items in a drawer on the backside of your phone. With these two cases, your cards and cash are totally concealed. With the Speck Smartflex, your items are visible, but with the thumb release on the opposing side, this case still got excellent reviews.

Closed Cases

If you prefer a phone case that protects it at all angles (including the screen) and can carry your ID, cash and cards, then the Senia Magia Wallet, Senia Lusio and Moshi Overture are best for you. The Magia closes with a strong magnetic snap, and the Lusio and Moshi close just by folding them shut. Both Senia cases are leather, with reviewers stating the quality to be luxurious and tough. The Moshi has a synthetic leather outer with a microfiber interior. The Moshi also comes with a soft cloth to clean your screen when fingerprints get out of hand.

Clutch-Like Cases

If you’re a lady and go out often, you probably have a few clutches that are your go-to for late nights. Often with clutches, the smaller the better, and the Golla Ebba is about the best you can get. The Golla fits most smartphones, so no need to worry if you have the latest phone and it won’t fit. It also has a zippered outside pocket for cash or a card, in addition to inside slot for the same. Your phone is enclosed inside the case with a Velcro closure, and is kept protected at all times while not in use. Some complained that when using the phone it was totally exposed (this case is more like a purse than a case) but others liked it in comparison to a larger purse.


We mentioned that both Senia cases are genuine leather, but the Acase Collatio is a different kind of leather. With its inside and outside card slots, and saddle-type leather, it’s for a different type of cell phone owner. It is designed only for the iPhone 5 and comes in chestnut brown. But if you like the look of a more worn, soft leather, this case is for you.

Stand-Up Cases

If you do a lot of video watching, or face-time chatting, a wallet kick-stand case could be the best case for you. Carry your cash, cards and ID, and have a built-in stand for viewing purposes. The Arctic Wallet Stand Case has a slot for cards, and a stand for viewing in both landscape and portrait orientations. It is designed only for iPhones, and comes in a number of different colors. The iShove Wallet Case also comes with a stand, and is designed for 5 and 5S. No matter what your need, there is most likely a phone case for you. You can find your favorite color, a stand, or ones that take pictures under water. You can get them in plastic, rubber, fabric and leather. The more phones that come out, the more cases are designed. If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, wait a week and chances are what you want will be wanted by others and put on the market in no time.

How Smart are the Latest Smartwatches?

These days, a cell phone isn’t just for communicating and a watch isn’t just for telling time. While phones turned ‘smart’ a while back, watches are just now getting the same intelligence boost. Most smartwatches are able to sync with other mobile devices, they also provide navigation, games, and are basically a wearable computer on your wrist. Snapping ‘selfies’ just got a lot easier too, considering some models even include a camera. Many smartwatches are currently in development, but there are also some already on the market. Don’t expect the best of the best just yet though, as this technology is new and still has room to grow.

The Development & History of the Smartwatch

Smart watchComputer watches are not just things of the future, but they are also a part of the past. In 1972 the Hamilton Watch Company released Pulsar, the first digital watch to hit the market; the Pulsar was impressive for storing up to 24 digits. By the 1980’s things had speed up with Seiko’s first computerized watch model releasing into the market. Then in the year 2000, IBM introduced the Linux, their version of a smartwatch. Afterwards there was a lull of silence, until recently when everyone started talking about smart watches again, including Motorola’s CEO who confirmed in December 2013 that his brand is working to create a high-powered smartwatch for consumers. Apple isn’t missing out, currently a 100-person team of engineers and designers are working to master the iWatch. It seems technology is finally advanced enough to produce a truly smartwatch that is already surfacing on wrists everywhere. Still, some companies have yet to release a version of their own. Those that continue to take their time on the design process know that the models currently on the market have room for improvement, and they believe that releasing their own product when it is truly ready to wow will win them more favors.

Every company is doing what they can to secure their foot in the smartwatch door. The tech brand Pebble just revealed their donation valued at over $600,000, gifting some 4,000 smartwatches to a number of highly ranked universities including Stanford, Virginia Tech, and MIT. For students at these campuses, the free new-wave gadgets are very exciting, but the donation also benefits Pebble, keeping their brand name on the forefront of this exciting new technology.

So How Smart is a Smartwatch?

The smartwatches already available for sale offer a variety of awesome functions. Not all watches include the following features, but these are some of the most convenient ways designers are introducing this new technology.

-Access your music on your wrist, switch the song, see what’s playing, and even adjust the volume.

-Check up on the status of your phone without appearing rude. Simply glance at your wrist or wait for a silent vibration to know if you have any missed calls or messages.

-Facebook, email, Instagram, and almost all other social media platforms can send alerts directly to your watch. Keeping you updated both socially and professionally.

-Enjoy weather updates and other news alerts without lifting a finger.

-Can’t find your phone? Good thing your Smart Watch is connected!

What’s Dumb About Being Smart?

It all sounds wonderful, a way to quickly check in with your phone and control your life right from the convenience of your wrist. Your euphoria might be compromised though when you check out the reviews for smartwatches, while reviews are far from horrible they hover around mediocre, most averaging 3 stars out of 5. So what’s wrong with some of the latest smartwatch models? Some smartwatches have ample apps for downloading, but many others have a limited selection. Remember, the more popular a brand is the more apps it will likely have, as app designers seek popular devices because of the costs associated with generating a new addition for different platforms. Android-compatible models offer the most in terms of connecting to your phone and also downloading apps. Water resistance is another issue many smartwatches face, it’s hard enough keeping your phone free from water damage, try keeping your wrist dry all the time—and what about if you go to the gym and break out in a sweat? (Read More) Plus, not all smartwatches can pair with phones either.

Before making your purchase, check out what capabilities each smartwatch in your price range does or does not have. Not all smartwatches are created equal, and according to tough technology critics, no design is 100% perfect just yet. Although, if you can’t wait to get your hands, or wrist, on a smartwatch some selections will have you feeling more satisfied than others.

Amazing Facts About Cell Phone Repairs

My friends told me how to fix a water damaged cell phone, but I did not believe them. Grab a bag of rice, they said, and drop it in. Time will take care of the rest, they said. It will be good as new, they said.

It did not work for me, but it could work for you. If you are lucky. Otherwise, you might have to take it to someone who knows what to do. No matter what cell phone repairs you are in desperate need of, these five facts should help make your iPhone repair situation slightly more tolerable.Phone parts

1. In Q4 2013, Apple sold 33.8 million phones. Two of those purchases have been from me, plus one from my dad, one from my brother and at least one from almost everyone else I know. So it should not be surprising that an iPhone broken screen or phone battery issue will happen from time to time, but it always is.

2. It might still be called a phone but at this point, it is basically a mini computer. Two of the most popular smartphone activities are texting and taking photos, capabilities that can cause more injuries that require cell phone repairs more frequently. A cracked screen means no quality photos or easy on-screen touch typing, so be careful!

3. A very small number of water damaged iPhone accidents involve spilled beer. Only around 12 percent of accidents that require cell phone repairs are from spilled beer, which means that the problem might not be the drinking, but the general clumsiness of the drinker. Hold on tightly to your booze and do not knock it over!

4. Water is the most commonly spilled liquid onto iPhones, though soda comes in second. Again, it does not necessarily have anything to do with alcohol. It does, however, have a lot to do with the care the user puts into his or her phone. Keep it away from liquids and you will also keep it away from needing cell phone repairs.

5. If you can make it through your first year with your new iPad 2, you are set. Nearly 10 percent of iPad 2 users will experience a damaging incident, such as a shattered screen, within the first year of getting one. Save yourself the hassle of tablet and cell phone repairs and treat your electronic extremities like children.

Simple steps will help you prevent any more unnecessary cell phone repairs for your devices. Be careful, be watchful and be protective. Save the money you would spend on cell phone repairs or a new phone and treat yourself to something nice.

Is Graphene The Future of Your Mobile Phone?

Diamonds might still be a girl’s best friend, but graphene is stronger, lighter and thinner than any other material in the world. It’s no surprise that former leading world mobile phone maker, Nokia, is looking into revitalizing its market position after receiving a $1.35 billion grant from the European Union to research and develop the options over the next 10 years.

A mobile phone you can drop

As soon as you purchase a mobile phone, you have to add a suitable case to your credit card bill, to protect your investment. Could graphene be the material required by manufacturers to make them almost scratch and damage proof and will this become the bendy material that will satisfy the dreams of future mobile phone designers?

What is Graphene?

The two dimensional properties of graphene1521-4095) were first isolated by researchers in 2004. Nokia claims to have been working with graphene since 2006, but it wasn’t until Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov, from the University of Manchester in England, won the Nobel Prize for physics in 2010 “for groundbreaking experiments regarding the two-dimensional material, graphene,” that the future link between graphene and mobile

phones became much clearer.

Their challenge was to see how far they could flake the material, which looks like Scotch tape, but is much thinner. It’s 300 times stronger than steel; transparent and bendable, while acting as a better conductor than copper.

Having taken the Manchester experiments a stage further, Andrey Turchanin from the University of Bielefeld has produced a new and flexible model, with his work published by the scientific journal, Advanced Materials.

Graphene uses for mobile phones

Once developed further, the material will be used to build mobile phones that are much lighter than current models, more durable and less vulnerable to the overheating problems many people have experienced with current models.

The material is being considered as a transparent screen and because it is non-reflective and transparent, it is likely to be favored by mobile phone manufacturers because it is strong, thin and can bend without breaking. Any glance over new technology requests across the Internet will see that bendable electronics will soon become the next big thing to hit the market effectively.

Samsung, not a business to be left behind in any electronics future, has been busy developing graphene as the material to be used as a potential replacement for silicon, within transistors. They claim that the electron mobility is around 200 times greater than silicon, which means that power and information can travel much quicker over short distances. They suggest that there are some problems that need to be solved, because the semi-metallic material will continue to receive power when it is not required. Their developers are trying to convert graphene as a semiconductor.

Who will win the patented war?

Apple and Samsung have spent far too much time and money in court with legal proceedings in recent years, mostly due to arguments over their individual patents. If any one company can satisfy the patented authorities that their development of graphene is ahead of their competitors, they should be able to win the leading market position.

The future for mobile phones looks certain to include the winners of the graphene race, as developers and manufacturers seek to make lighter and stronger mobile phones and if the current trend of looking at bendable electronics becomes a reality with sensible pricing, the mobile phone market is set to change, once again.

Apple’s iPad Air – The Next Generation of iPads!

iPad Air

iPad Air - Next Generation of iPads

Do more than you ever thought imaginable in places you never before thought possible on a tablet – That is the idea behind Apple’s iPad Air! Having been amazingly integrated with iOS7, Apple’s latest iPad, the iPad Air brings together the A7 chip, an advanced wireless system, and apps upon apps that allow you to be your creative self to the fullest, while consistently producing graphics that will totally blow you away. The iPad Air weighs only 1lb, making it 28% more lighter than your standard iPad. And because it is 20% thinner, it has 24% less volume making it much easier to hold, carry around, and do things on. Even though the iPad Air is incredibly thin, some even saying impossibly thin, it is beyond solid. The aluminum unibody design has allowed Apple to create an amazingly thin device, without forfeiting performance, that won’t fall apart in your hands. Loosing nearly a quarter of the volume the past generation iPads carried around, is not what makes this generation of iPads really stand out, but rather how much more power and capability is packed into it. The iPad Air lets you do far more with it and lug around even less!

Air Hardware

From apps running faster than ever, to more responsive gaming, the A7 chip that the iPad Air uses takes the iPad to higher heights – a place where power and speed are operating at their peak performance. The iPad Air is up to as twice as fast than its predecessors, allowing you to do everything as much as two times faster, a very noticeable difference. One of the truly remarkable differences that set Apple’s iPad Air apart from the previous generations is that it supports OpenGL ES version 3.0. With detailed graphics and visual effects, once only possible on desktops and gaming consoles, playing your favorite apps is a whole new and exciting experience, additionally, the A7 chip offers a 64-bit architecture. The 64-bit architecture allows for future programmers to create and design more powerful, more beautiful, and most importantly – funner apps. The idea behind iPads is that they are to be used while constantly on the move -wherever whenever you need them – take’em everywhere – and the iPad Air is solidly rooted, built and designed, around this idea. Employing the M7 compressor, which measure motion from the iPad Air from the data it collects via the accelerometer, compass, and gyroscope, the apps offer a better experience, all based off the movement of the iPad Air. This was normally an additional task that A7 chip would need to perform, but the M7 is far more efficient at it and saves power, so it just make most sense to pass it off to the M5. Speaking of power, just because Apple’s new iPad Air is thinner and doubly fast as past generations does not mean it has lost power. In fact the iPad Air supports the same 10-hour battery life, allowable thanks to the A7 chip. Boasting a 2048-by-1536 resolution and over 3.1 million pixels, video and image details explode in your eyes, text has never displayed as crisp and clear as it does on the iPad Air, all thanks to Apple’s Retina Display. An iPad is basically just the screen, and this is even truer with the iPad Air, because Apple reduced the device’s width and decreased the side bezels, there is more screen to take in – more Retina Display screen that is!

Air’s Software

The iOS7 was designed specifically for the the iPad Air, so everything looks amazingly and runs beautifully. Supporting powerful new features like smarter multitasking, AirDrop and Control Center, everything you need to do you can do faster, easier, and will be far more enjoyable. Apple’s new iPad Air is a major step forward for tablets. Having cut down the size of the tablet while improving upon its usability and speed plus maintaining its battery life, Apple has succeeded once again in taking one of their products and making it greater than it already was!

The Highest Quality Cell Phone Repair You Can Get!

Repair Cell PhoneDid you know that 45% of all adults in the United States use a smartphone on a daily basis? It’s probably not much of a stretch to say that most of those people have been careless with their phones from time to time. Dropping a cell phone or spilling liquids on it are two of the most common ways to damage a phone. Further proof that we love our devices? Roughly 11% of those who own an iPhone continue to use it even after the screen has been cracked – perhaps because they think it will be difficult or expensive to get that screen repaired.

Thankfully, getting affordable cell phone repair is a relatively easy process – easier than you may think. Whether it is a cracked screen, an entirely broken screen, or some kind of water damage to the phone, anyone who’s ever experienced that “uh-oh” moment when a phone slips from their hands and goes hurtling toward the pavement – or toilet – has multiple options when it comes to getting repairs.

Overall, Americans have spent nearly $6 billion on iPhone repairs, damages caused from being knocked off of a desk, dropped, or submerged in water. For a lot of those customers, the amount of money that they wound up spending could have been significantly reduced if they had known where to take their phone in the first place.

From high quality iPad parts to a new phone battery, the right company should be able to provide whatever is needed. In addition to the best parts, high quality customer service should also be a priority. Considering how integral phones are to our lives nowadays, it can be difficult to go without them for even a few days. The last thing that a customer will need during that time is to be jerked around by poor customer service professionals.

Cell phone repair shouldn’t be difficult, especially with 2014 right around the corner. When it comes to picking out a store for tablet or cell phone repair, it pays to be a little selective!

iPad Repair Specialist Has Your Tablet Covered

Broken iPadTablet Takeover! The majority of this past century boomed with American’s sitting around a glowing television set to watch their favorite television programs and movies. However the latter half of this past decade has seen not only an explosion in smart phones but also in tablets. Leading the way is Apple’s iPad but all tablet brands alike have become the quintessential modern personal tool of convenience and fun. Families no longer gather around a television set at night, but rather curl up alone with their own hand held television or movie screens, gaming console, or digital notepad and books!

Benefits of Tablets Apple’s iPad and the various other brands of tablets come with a multitude of uses, allowing for various benefits that everyone from small or large business owners to stay at home moms can take advantage of. The following are just a few benefits that people get from tablets

  • Ease of Use and Portability
  • Mobile Music and Movies
  • Cheap and Diverse Apps
  • Up to 10 Hours of Battery Life

When looking to purchase a tablet, two of the most common questions people ask themselves are:

  1. Can a tablet truly replace my notebook or desktop?
  2. Do the benefits outweigh the cost?

The reality is, a vast majority of us use our computers for the most basic tasks, such as checking our emails, browsing the web, reading news articles, watch a trending video, and updating our social media profiles. In these cases, iPads and other tablets can not only replace the notebook and desktop, but also will often provide a more powerful and fulfilling experience.

Tablets for Business Uses For business owners, small and large alike, tablets have become a major tool for them. Their portability and the various tasks that can easily be managed and performed has allowed business owners to expand their efforts while also achieving a sense of ease in doing so, not to mention allowing their business to become more mobile. Some of the major benefits business get from using tablets include:

  • Mobile Presentations and Portfolios
  • Displaying Sales Brochures
  • Accessing Desktop Files Remotely
  • Organizing a Schedule
  • Manage Social Media Profiles – from anywhere!

Just like anything else, tablets have a price range and the higher the price tag the more and better options become available. Tablet’s average price ranges from the low $200s and upwards of $600s – of course depending on the brand purchased and the available features. Apple’s iPad Air can run you closer to $1,000 though.

iPad Repair Opportunities Accidents are bound to happen and with the increased use of iPads, along with the various other tablets available on today’s market, a major need for iPad repair has developed. Which in turn has allowed companies who offer tablet and iPad repair to flourish; but what does this really mean for you? Well, what this means for you is, you no longer have to purchase a new tablet every time yours breaks, experiences water damages, or becomes otherwise unusable. For companies that have truly integrated tablets into their business, having the ability of iPad repair can save them sometimes tens of thousands of dollars and on an individual level a couple hundred at the least.

Finding a good tablet and iPad repair specialist is key to ensuring your repairs are done correctly, eliminating any issues and fixing all problems present.

Even If You Break Your Cell Phone – Repair Is Possible!

fixing cell phoneDid you know that nearly 10% of people who own an iPhone have dropped it in the toilet? Not surprisingly, after water, soda is the liquid most often spilled on an iPhone. It seems that out of all the technology in our lives, our phones suffer the most. It is very likely that you know someone who has a cracked screen, or who has dropped their phone into a toilet. This phenomenon is so common, that I almost expect to see a broken screen when I see someone pull out their iPhone.

Fortunately for the clumsy iPhone users everywhere, cell phone repair has advanced leaps and bounds over the days when we all had flip-top phones. If you have a broken screen, you only need to find a phone repair shop. Many of these shops carry iPhone parts, and they can fix your broken screen, or your water damage, for less than it would cost to get a new phone.

Besides falling into a toilet, or having liquid spilled on it, the other three most likely causes for a broken iPhone include falling into a large body of water, falling off a lap or table, and being dropped. The good news is, if you do any one of these things, it can sometimes take less than an hour to fix, and be cheaper than using your phone insurance to get a replacement. The trick is just to find a good phone repair shop.

Here are several tips to help you protect your phone after you have gotten it fixed.

  • Simply do not use your phone near water. Do not take it into the bathroom. Leave it inside if you are going to be near a pool, and keep it in your pocket and off of the table where drinks can get spilled onto it.

  • Invest in a phone case that has a good grip, so you do not drop it. Or at least if you do drop it, it can be partially protected.

  • Never balance your phone anywhere, whether it is on your leg, or the edge of a table. Keep it on a broad, flat surface.

  • If you are just prone to dropping your phone, then be conscious of where you use your phone. Maybe step onto some grass instead of texting someone while you are still on the sidewalk.

Approximately $6 billion is spent to repair iPhones, and about 15% of iPhone 4 users are likely to cause some damage to their phone within their first year of owning it. If you are one of the thousands of iPhone owners who have done harm, accidental or otherwise, to their phones, then do not count the phone as lost. Visit an iPhone repair shop and save your phone and some money to have it fixed up like new.

Broken Phone? Do Not Buy a New One, Just Get It Fixed.

cell phoneSociety has led us to believe that once something is wrong with our phone, the logical thing is throw it out and buy a new one. We should really be turning to the cell phone water damage repair specialist in our town rather than throwing out our toilet-phone and just reaching for a new one.

And we need to work this into our heads sooner rather than later. As cell phones can do more and more, we rely on them constantly now. As such, they go everywhere with us. That is right, everywhere. But by bringing them into places that we did not 10 years ago, our phones are being exposed to dangers and elements never imagined before. With these new risks comes the increased chances of a drop, a break, a shatter, a splash. Find a repairman before you head over to the phone store.

  • Apple Repairs

Of all the devices you should be most concerned with getting repaired, it is the Apple devices. They are the most expensive, and the hardest to come by. Just witness all the people who line up outside Mac stores for days, in order to be the first to get their hands on the new iteration of iPhone.

There are phone repairmen who specialize in Apple devices. You can get iPod touch and iPhone repair, and even iPad repair. They can take care of several different generations of Apple products, and can handle the standard problems that afflict most devices.

  • Services

Just what are those common problems? How many times have you seen a friend pull a smartphone from their pocket to see its face spiderwebbed with little cracks? Whether it is because they dropped the phone onto something, or something onto the phone, those faces are not as strong as we would be led to believe.Now look at the back of your phone. You have no way of taking the battery out, do you? What happens when your battery dies? You bring it to the professionals who can handle cracked screens and phone batteries at the same time.

  • Cell Phone Water Damage Repair Specialist

One of the most common problems is water damage to a phone. This is because people seem to find it necessary to use their phones in the bathroom (you connect the dots), but people also leave them in their pockets and wash them, and I once carried mine balanced on a glass of water into a room, only to accidentally knock it in once I reached my destination. It is so common an occurrence that you can even find cell phone water damage repair specialists, who perform only that procedure. And they are always busy too!

So before you even consider throwing out your phone, stop to think. Save the environment and save some money. Just bring your phone to be fixed. Unless you dropped it into the Fry-o-Lator at work, there is a good chance that the offending part can be repaired at a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire thing.

Many Scenarios Could Cause Your Phone to Break

While having a nice smartphone is a luxury, it is not always easy to keep them in working order. In fact, since so many accidents happen, more than three quarters of the iPhones that people throw away are actually broken. That number might seem a bit low, especially considering the fact that around 11% of iPhone users will continue to use their device even after they have a cracked or broken screen. But since they are expensive, many users will want to find iPhone repair companies or figure out how to fix a water damaged phone. Doing so will allow them to continue using the same phone and, potentially, save them hundreds of dollars.

Though 19% of Americans have dropped their iPhone in the toilet at one time or another, 21% of all iPhone accidents actually occur in the kitchen. Some people might keep their iPhone on the counter while they are cooking to easily follow recipes, listen to music, or just chat with friends, which could result in everything from spaghetti sauce to cake batter spilling onto their phone. So no matter what they might be preparing, cooks will have to be careful if they do not want to go to a cell phone repair shop after they eat.

By far, the liquid that is most often spilled on iPhones is water, which accounts for 43% of accidents. While that number might not be completely accurate, since lots of kids might not tell the entire truth about what they actually spilled (especially if they are in college and constantly surrounded by other beverages), learning how to fix a water damaged phone is still often a good idea. Doing so can help smartphone users save a ton of money on replacements or repairs.

More than 15% of iPhone 4 owners will have some type of accident that results in damage to their phone within a year of buying it. Because of that, every owner should take precautions to help make sure that it remains operational. The best way to do that is to simply buy a protective case. While they might not be waterproof or able to protect against big spills, they can help make sure that, when a phone slips out of the hand of a user, a case can prevent it from breaking. While the strongest cases might be costly, they can prove to be a great investment for anyone who worries about being clumsy.