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Mobile Device or Mobile Risk?

Mobile SecurityMobile devices are quickly taking over more and more aspects of a business that large computers or a notebook use to handle. Having a company who can handles wireless device repairs and replacement, such as iPhone repair, is imperative if you are a business owner who heavily relies on their wireless device. As more and more tablets are taking the place of register machines or smart phones being used as credit card machines, having a properly working device is crucial to your business. Additionally you may be storing personal information that you do not want everyone’s eyes to see.

More and more mobile devices are emerging as key security risks, which is resulting in around 95% of companies putting mobile security policies in place. Out of 1,500 companies that were surveyed, most reported their employees do not understand how permissions and other access setting work on their mobile device. Additionally, it was found that 63% of work-related cell phones and other devices were being used for their personal activities and for the companies that did not provide work phones or devices, many of the employees tended to use their personal devices to handle their work-related tasks. This poses a huge security risk, as these company’s employees now have business related material and information on their personal device, enabling them to do what they wish with it.

Additionally between possible malware infections and theft, another security issue arises when it comes to the use of smart phones and devices in the work place. As more and more people lean on their device to store their sensitive personal information, e-mail, documents and more, a theft or loss of the device allows for anyone to access this information. 40% of companies who were surveyed experienced the loss or theft of a mobile device used for their business and half of those devices contained “business critical data.” With a “financial impact” occurring due to those lost or stolen devices, sensitive data lost included customer data, corporate intellectual property, financial data and employment dates. In response to lost or stole mobile devices, companies will increase their security measures afterwards, a move that is made a minute to late, but will help to prevent any future incidents. Ensuring the devices employed for any aspect of your company’s business are in proper working order is highly important and when an error occurs, the screen breaks, or any number of other damages occurs – you need it repaired quickly and effectively because replacing it may not be the first option.

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Text Messaging20th Anniversary With the text message turning 20 it is clear to see how the cell phone industry has grown in the past three decades, from “the brick” to smart phones and being connected to the world from anywhere at anytime. The mobile cell phone industry has taken over and everything from making a call to sending a text message has changed. Businesses are now popping up that specializes in everything from sales to cell phone repair. My Broken Phone is one of those companies – with a location in Vancouver Washington. With text messaging turning 20, we would like to give you some background into what is now a standard feature for all smart and cell phones.

Scape Goat Having been blamed for everything from the decline of human interaction to sore thumbs, and hailed for its succinctness, the first ever text message was sent on December 3, 1992. Neil Papeworth, a software engineer, sent Vodafone director Richard Jarvis the text message that simply read “Merry Christmas,” on his bulky Orbitel 901 cell phone. But as of December 3, 2012 the text message is no longer in its teens, ironically the age group it is likely most associated with. Texting is popular throughout the world, across cultures and groups of all ages. The main reason is because of how simple, concise and compatible it is with every mobile device on the market, from ‘text and talk’ phones to the more complex smart phones. With only 160 characters at just 190 bytes, text messages are not the most glamorous or elaborate, a major reason they so easily become very pervasive. With over 8.6 trillion text messages sent yearly, they have become one of the most used and easiest forms of communications.

On the Decline… Sadly, the text messages 20th anniversary may also be the year in which it peeks. As more and more people switch over to smart phones, they are also switching over to third-party messaging services in order to circumvent wireless carriers costly per text charges. Without paying a sent, users can send numerous text messages with the use of popular apps and services, such as Facebook or Apple’s iMessage. As the industry changes, MyBrokenPhone.com will continue to provide updated knowledge and insight to the many aspects concerned. And whether you are looking to purchase or are in need of cell phone repair, My Broken Phone is the team to contact! Call Us Today!

Lakeland Location Opening!

MY BROKEN PHONE! – The experts in cellphone and smart phone repairs and replacements are happy to announce the opening of our newest location in LAKELAND FLORIDA!

shutterstock_116023195-150x150Repair – Don’t Replace! If repairing your damaged smart phone sounds too good to be true, then you simply have not been to MyBrokenPhone.com Our repair services range from ‘text and talk’ cell phones to the latest smart-phones and tablets. My Broken Phone’s business is repairing broken and damaged cell phones and smart phones. When you are unsure if your phone is beyond repair or not contact us – in most cases smart phones and devices can be repaired.

Lakeland Location! Our experienced Lakeland Florida technicians in our newest location use high quality replacement parts and telling the difference between your phone after being repaired and brand new is nearly impossible. We are certain you will be impressed with our work and to prove so, our repairs come standard with a *90 day warranty, giving you that added trust of knowing we will never let you or your phone down. We also offer a *30-day warranty for all retail items including smart phones and accessories. My Broken Phone is not just a smart phone repair shop or retail store. We do not just provide the best option for when your phone breaks or you need to upgrade. We are your neighbors, think of us as the little shop down the corner who is able to help you with whatever you need, so long as those needs are about your cellular telephone or device. We are certain you will love our service and everything we offer.

Enviro-Friendly Lets face it, at some point you will own a cell phone that is not cost effective to repair, has no monetary value, and is just taking up space which is why at all of our locations, including our newest one in Lakeland Florida, we offer the recycling of your phone free of charge. Simply drop your phone in our recycle bins located in any of our stores and we handle the rest. By sending them to recycling plants to be disposed of properly we help to keep the environment clean and healthy.

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