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Three Reasons iPhone Owners Need a High-Quality Repair Service

broken cell phoneAre you aware that American smartphone users have spent nearly $6 billion on repairing their iPhones as a result of dropping them, getting them wet, and other issues? Many Americans have taken Apple to task, accusing them of manufacturing the iPhone to break easily, so that consumers would have to pay for repairs or replacements. The company, according to Business Insider, has also had lawsuits brought against them for exactly that reason. According to Pew Internet, smart phones are used by 56% of Americans. If you are a smartphone user who uses an iPhone, here are three reasons you might want to keep a cell phone repair shop on speed dial.

The Cracked Screen of Doom

Did you know that 15.5% of iPhone 4 owners will have an accident within a year of purchasing the smartphone? Cracked screens are often the result of these accidents. 10 percent of iPad 2s, another Apple product, have their screen shattered within the first 12 months after purchase. If you have a broken screen, it may not be the best idea for you to visit the Apple store. Techs there will simply tell you that you must replace the phone. Take your device to an iPhone repair shop to save yourself some serious cash.

The Confounded Power Button As iMore points out, the power button becoming stuck or broken is a huge problem that iPhone users have with their 4th generation and later devices. As with the cracked screen problem, taking your phone to the store where you bought it can often result in having to pay for a brand new phone. Why not take it to someone specializing in cellular phone repair?

Water Damage Would you be surprised to know that the top causes for broken iPhones are the phone being dropped into the toilet, a swimming pool, or a lake, followed by slipping off owners’ laps, being knocked from a surface, and having liquid spilled on them? Five percent of iPhone owners have sent their phone through the wash! For this reason, “how to fix a water damaged phone” is an extremely popular search on Google. If your cell phone gets wet, please do not take a hair dryer to it. You will just melt the circuitry. While most people turn to sticking their phone in rice to dry it out, that method can apparently make issues worse. It is probably a better idea to seek out professional help immediately. In other words, take it to a repair service ASAP.

Whether you have a cracked screen, a broken power button, or you have just sent your phone swimming in the porcelain throne, you are going to need cell phone repairs that are not going to cost you an arm and a leg.

Google Glass Has Arrived! Are You Ready?

blog 7 imageYears ago in a land far, far away, in the age where clear screens projected marvelous images of a futuristic earth, an idea was teleported in time. Google Glass is the latest device in a journey to find the most advanced communication technology around. At first glance they seem like ordinarily lopsided glasses, after further inspection you’ll find a world of possibilities straight out of a Star Trek movie.

Only a handful of developers have gotten the chance to use these bad boys, and the reviews are pretty interesting. Of course, this is the first of its kind and they definitely have some drawbacks. The glasses don’t sit right, the battery is runs low, you can’t adjust the volume or Wi-Fi, but it’s the strengths their that are really making headlines!

Want to take a photo? Click a little button on the top right of the glasses and stabilize your head for a new breed of photography. Want to take a video? Hold the button and proceed with your epic life as you capture everything from a first person perspective. For directions, just speak the address and your Google Glasses will display a map and show you where to walk or drive. The features go on and on, such as; Google Glass dictating emails, texts, searches queries, and various commands. The real ‘WOW’ factor is when you want to Face-Time someone – they may not be able to see you, but when you call your mom from Paris, her face will come out crystal clear. While you’re bicycling down thin brick alley you can watch and playing music videos, catch the news, or even find out how many ounces are in a cup!

Although it’s a pretty fantastic leap for mankind’s technology, it does come with its fair share of privacy concerns, however, the wonders of this new technology are yet to be tapped and as we start to enter an era where wearable mobile communication devices take dominance over the current smart-phones and devices as means of communication and keeping up-to-date, we will begin to see how this new technology is used – be it positive or negative!

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Tips and Tricks for Water Damaged Cell Phones

blog 5 imageYikes! You spilled a cup of water on your phone or dropped it in the toilet and now its fried! At first you may experience a sense of panic, as your entire world seems to exist within this little electronic device! The thought over whelms you and as you begin to fear the death and demise of your smart phone, you try to turn it back on hoping and praying it still works. The first mistake is trying to immediately turn it back on after it has made contact with a liquid of any kind, additionally, your phone, or at least the data stored in the phone, can be saved in many cases. Smart and cell phone repair is becoming more and more easy, allowing it be more accessible, regardless of the type of damage that occurs, however water damage is the most common.

Here are a few common tips and tricks to take immediately following water damage occurring to your cell phone or any device:

Drying Time First and foremost, if the device is not already powered off, promptly remove the battery– even without hitting the power button. It is very important to let the phone or device dry thoroughly, and attempting to power up the device can cause additional damages and fry the electronics. Take the phone apart as much as possible; dry it with a cloth or paper towel to ensure that everything is visibly dry then place everything out. Do not attempt to power the phone or device back up for a minimum of three days because even though the phone may appear dry, the slightest bit of moisture can

To speed up dry time, many people will use a blow dryer set to hot – be sure to remove the batter before taking a blow dry to it. Rice also provides a good solution to absorb excess fluids and possibly resulting in the device powering back on and working, however if damage did occur to the electronics, rice will not remedy that.

What Was Spilled? The type of liquids that came into contact with the device is also an important factor. Plain old simple water does not do much more than interfere with electronics, but a liquid like Gatorade or soda pop that contain high amounts of sugar do! They leave a residue that if left alone will erode at the electronics, causing more destruction than the water damage alone. It is a good practice to lightly run the phone or device under clean tap water; since it has already been exposed to liquid it is highly unlikely to cause further damages. You will want to do this to help remove any mineral residues such as sugars or salt thats may have been in the liquid.

A Warranty Voided Generally speaking, water damage voids out a cellular phone’s warranty, though if there is insurance on the phone, it may cover water damages. Otherwise there really is no point in sending the phone back to the manufacture with the intention of receiving a replacement – costs covered. Phone Manufacture’s have built in ways of knowing when a device has come into contact with a liquid, so unless you are willing to pay for the cell phone repair out of pocket, your best bet is to dry it out as best as possible, replace the battery and hope it works without any issues.

When your phone does not turn back on after allowing it to dry properly not all is lost. My Broken Phone is a cell phone repair shop that specializes in all types of damages to cell phones and devices, including water damage. They can restore your phone to working order, just like new. Get your phone repaired today!

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Repairing a Cracked Screen? – Top 5 Things to Know!

**Broken iPhoneDamaged. Cracked. Broken.** Cracked screens are the most common infractions that smartphones and other devices encounter, and when your device or smart phone’s screen becomes cracked or broken, repairing it on your own may seem like a great idea. And while you can repair a cracked screen on your own there are various aspects involved it getting it done correctly and without causing further damage to the device. The experts here at MyBrokenPhone.com can easily repair a cracked screen or tend to any other cell phone repair service but would like to share our knowledge with you in this two-part post so you can make the most informed decision about what to the next time you get a cracked screen!

Repair at own Risk! The first thing you need to remember is that all repairs you do are done at your own risk. In not fully knowing what your doing you increase the chances of causing injury to yourself or damaging the device beyond repair. If your device is still under the manufacture’s warranty it is best to take it in for repairs and removing parts yourself you are likely to void the warranty all together. Even if your warranty has ended but are uncertain about any aspect, it will be in your best interest to contact the nearest professionals in the smart phone and cell phone repair industry to get the repairs done.

Impossible Replacement Parts! Securing the proper replacement parts can be tough and in some cases next to impossible. Manufactures do not make it easy for the average Joe to purchase repair parts and you may be hard pressed to find a smartphone parts store. Turning to the internet will often times be the route you need to take and while you may not find the exact part you are in need of, purchasing a broken unit that you can pull parts from could be the remedy. There are various sites that you can place bids on for parts, phones or accessories or buy outright from an online seller.

The internet is filled with helpful videos on replacing cracked, damaged and broken screens such the one right here - displaying iPhone repair.

In the conclusion to “Repairing a Cracked Screen? – Top 5 Things to Know! “ We will talk about the tools you need, your work area, and taking your time. Check back in the coming weeks and always remember REPAIR – DON’T REPLACE!

Tablet Showdown

iPad vs. Android man using tabletA portable, Internet connected, large displayed device is a perfect way to describe a tablet. Viewed, as a great way of content consumption and creation, there are few people who will deny that tablets will ever go away.

When the decision has been made to purchase a tablet the next question you will faced with is…”Well, what kind of tablet should I purchased?” or “What will be the best choice for my needs?” The top options you will need to choose from are the highly popularApple iPad or their leading competitor, an Android tablet. This can be a tougher decision than initially anticipated and because both options have their pros and cons it becomes important to know the individual features of both to help make the most informed decision possible.

Internal Hardware The hardware for both the iPad and the Android counterparts are just about evenly matched. With no budget limits, the Android tablets would seem to hold the advantage as it comes with faster processors, some even having a quad core processor, more powerful cameras up to 8megapixels and in many cases the memory can be expanded. However, the iPad comes back swinging with the display. The new iPads that come with retina display destroys anything Android tablets have to currently offer. Ultimately your choice will come down to choosing between the best display and the best internals and what you’ll be using the tablet for. Want a more powerful tablet – choose the Android. Want a killer display- go for the iPad.

Software If you have ever used Apple’s iPad you would easily know how strong the device is when it comes to its software and the increasingly large app depot, thanks to iTunes’ App Store, the iPad is leading the way. The apps you can find available cover just about everything, from games, to video editing, books and word processors, even apps that allow you to check your blood pressure! Android, on the other hand, does not have such a vast expanse of apps available, but is quickly gaining ground and catching up the Apple. Although you may not find as much apps available for an Android tablet as the iPad, it does handle social networking more seamlessly and will generally provide a better web-browsing experience for the user. This is largely due to the fact that Android tablets support Adobe Flash, something that the iPad lacks. If you need access to more and better applications, choose the iPad, but if web-browsing and social mediating are your goals, the Android will be more your speed, however the Android is more susceptible to mal-ware scares – something to keep in mind

Performance and Usage A major difference for the Apple iPad and the tablets using Android will come in the form of how easy it is to use and the over-all performance. These factors may be major deal breakers for many consumers looking to purchase a tablet. Both are icon driven interfaces that are, at its core, simple to operate. However, they tend to differ in the fact that while Apple stays consistent with its interfaces across all of its devices, Android’s tablets look and behave differently. This is due to the Android being the OS for various manufactures and that they run different versions of Android.

When considering hardware benchmarks, the leading Android tablets would take quite a beating, and the reason is due to the amount of Androids on the market today. Currently there are more than a dozen, and when there are so many it becomes difficult to measure them by a standard benchmark. Apple’s iPad really takes the cake in this area with their standardized hardware and software working in tangent, two iPads from the same generation will behave exactly alike while two Androids in the same generation from different manufactures will not.

Stay Updated! Updates are a very important aspect of running software and there is virtually no competition between the iPad and its Android counterparts in this area. New software improvements and security updates emerge everyday and it is imperative to keep your software updated for offer optimum speed and security. Apple provide regular updates for all of their iPads, even the first generation iPad is running the latest version of iOS, while Android tablet manufactures continue to be tardy on this front. Currently standing, an Android tablet has a greater opportunity of becoming outdated in its software.

Options Vary If you’re the type of person who needs to have a lot of options to choose from, look at an Android tablet. They come in all shapes and sizes with varying displays that range from 5 to 10 inches, of course that is only one example of the many different options you can find on an Android tablet. From dual cameras to no cameras, quad core processors to dual and single core processors, tablets that have styluses or ones that support memory cards of up to 32 GB, there is an Android tablet for you. Additionally because there are various manufactures that produce Android tablets, there are various interfaces to choose from. Apple’s iPad on the other hand is only available in two versions – the newest iPad and the iPad 2, but each one does have different connectivity and storage options.

Verdict In the end, the decisions should be based on what you need the tablet for and how it will be used. If you find yourself on a tighter budget, you will likely gravitate more towards the Android while if budget in not an issue you may be looking at an iPad. Hardcore iPad followers will debate you get far form in terms of the hardware and software for the price, but if price is the deciding factor its hard to argue against a tablet running Android.

How Siri Works!

Reading Your Voice smartphone-300x200Siri works right out of the box, and the more you use her the better she will understand you. By using voice recognition algorithms, Siri learns about you; for example your accent and other characteristics in your voice and then categorizes it into one of the dialects or accents that it is able to understand. The more Siri is used worldwide and is exposed to more of the variations of language, Siri will get better at recognizing dialects and accents, and she will continue to improve and work even better.

Additionally, Siri is also capable of using the information stored in your contacts, music library, and calendars to better understand the things you say. It is highly intuitive and the more you use it the more it learns. By asking to make a call, play music, or even to create a reminder or appointment Siri will begin to respond more accurately to you.

Siri also has the capacity to know who you are and will use your information to better help you when you give it a task. Storing your information will allow Siri to help you with questions such as “Are there any good restaurants near my work?” or “What is the quickest route home?” Siri will also learn about you by the key people in your life. The first time you ask Siri to call your cousin for example, it will ask who your cousin is and that information will then be stored in your Contacts along with other relationship information, like “husband,” “father,” and “sister.” After storing that Contact, the next time you say, “call my cousin” Siri will instantly know who your cousin is and dial them up.

What Does Siri Do? Siri does a slew of things. From asking it to make a call, search the web for specific information, to finding a business and scheduling a reminder – Siri is the ultimate personal assistant in your hand. Asking Siri “What can you do for me,” or tapping the “I” in the right corner of the screen, Siri will present you with examples of what it can provide for you for along with ways things can be asked for. Siri also works with almost all built-in apps. It is intuitive enough to figure out which app is the right one when providing you with answers.

Although Siri is still considered in beta, it is a very powerful tool to be used. And because it still is in beta means it will only get better with age and include more features! With all the usage your iPhone will see, damage or breakage is more likely to occur. When you need iPhone repair, My Broken Phone is your company! Check us out today!

Samsung’s Galaxy S III – The iPhone Killer?

Samsung Galaxy SIIIOne of the hottest phones, and Apple’s iPhone top competitor, on the market today is easily Samsung’s Galaxy S III. Sporting enhanced features, it is designed to make sharing more direct and quite simply, easier. Regardless of your location, sharing your experiences with your friends and family have never been more easy or enjoyable!

The design of the Samsung’s Galaxy S III was no accident. Its sleek design was specifically created to fit comfortably in your hands, regardless of making a call, text messaging, gaming, or watching videos. It was built to fit into your life, which is why a lot of attention and focus went into the development of its performance, making it one the most powerful smart phones on the market today!

Content is displayed on a 4.8” HD Super AMOLED screen sporting an ultra fast response time and displays the content in amazingly saturated colors for crystal clear viewing for everything from viewing documents to watching videos.

Andriod 4.0 OS is more powerful than ever. Having the ability to multitask and perform two activities at once, thanks to the Pop Up Play feature, watching HD videos while gaming or text messaging while surfing the web is totally within your grasps!

S Beam The Samsung Galaxy S III has the S Beam, allowing you to connect through touch. By placing two Galaxy S III phones back to back with one another, transferring photos, videos, documents, and so much more becomes a snap. All it takes is three minutes and you can successfully share a 1GB video file – without Wi-Fi® or a cellular signal.

Buddy Photo Share Sharing pictures has never been the same either, thanks to Buddy Photo Share. The Galaxy S III can recognize the faces of your friends and has the ability to share photos with them immediately. Share Shot is another new and awesome feature that allows you to send photos to all of friends so everybody can get a snap shop of the event!

All-Share Play Another great feature the Galaxy S III comes with is All-Share Play. All-Share Play allows you to share files with other devices, such as a tablet, computer or television, and then access those particular files on those various devices. All-Share Group Play gives you the ability to collaborate and share images, documents, even presentations in real-time among multiple people without having to load files separately. Samsung’s Galaxy S III provides its user with such a convenient and natural way to interact with it, that it fits seamlessly into any daily routine whether your days are hectically busy or you have hours of relaxation time.

Smart Stay The Smart Stay feature allows your eyes to control the screen display. For as long as you are looking at the screen, the display will remain bright and the moment you place it down the display will dim. The forward facing camera keeps a constant eye on your eyes and while reading an e-book or browsing the Internets for example, your Galaxy S III will recognize you are looking at your phone and provide a bright screen.

S Voice Your Galaxy S III does not stop at simply following your eyes, but you can speak to it as well. The S Voice feature enables the Samsung to listen to and respond to your speech. From commanding the phone to take a photo, to answering a call or sending a text message, even requesting to play a favorite song – your phone will jump to life and fulfill the request.

Direct Call The Direct Call feature allows you to easily switch from text messaging a friend to calling them instead. By placing the phone to your ear, the friend you were just text messaging with then get a call from you – By simply placing the phone to your ear!

Smart Alert Never miss a message again! Galaxy S III’s Smart Alert feature will provide constant reminders of calls and messages you missed while away from your phone with a vibrating nudge.

Smart Cell Phone Repair Services! Even the most cutting edge phones on the market today can be broken or damaged. Cracked screen or water damaged? My Broken Phone can handle all types of cell phone repair for the latest and greatest smart phones, simple text and talk phones, tables, or music devices. Contact us today and remember Repair! Don’t Replace!

Seriously Siri! – A ‘Personal’ Personal Assistant

guy using phoneWith every new iPhone model that is released, it becomes more powerful and useful than its previous model. It can become tough, keeping up with the advancements that come with every new iPhone release. One of the most interesting advances the iPhone has seen is Siri. Siri was first released on iPhone 4S and currently is incorporated into the iPad 3rd Generation, iPad Mini, iPod Touch 5th Generation, and of course the iPhone 5.

So, what is Siri? Siri is basically a personal assistant. By asking a simple question, intelligent voice-recognition software will respond and can help you to get things done! But unlike traditional voice recognition software, Siri does not follow specific commands that require you to remember keywords. You can speak naturally to Siri and she understands! Additionally, if she needs more information to complete the task, Siri will ask you the question! Siri is still considered to be in beta but will only improve over time with new iPhone releases.

Talking to Siri! Talking to Siri is simple and here is how to do it; Holding down the Home Button will cause two quick beeps and a “What can I help you with” on the screen. Then just speak; the microphone icon will be lit up letting you know Siri is listening. After you have begun a dialogue, tapping the microphone icon again will allow you to talk. Siri also works with headphones and Bluetooth devices, allowing for a hands free interaction. When using headphones, pressing and holding the center button will allow you to talk with Siri and holding the call button will bring up Siri with a Bluetooth device. If your car supports ‘Eyes Free,’ starting a conversation with Siri is possible by pressing a button on your steering wheel. It will wait for you to stop talking but when tapping the microphone icon it informs Siri you are done talking; a very useful feature when there is a lot of background noise. And of course you are able to hold the phone to your head and speak to Siri.

After you are done speaking, Siri displays a text of what you said and provides a response. You can use Siri to give you reminders. For example; “Remind me to call my wife back,” Siri will respond with “What time would you like me to remind you?” It will read back emails and text messages that you dictated to her. These types of options become very helpful when you are driving and do not want to look at the screen. Siri allows you to speak to her in a natural voice with a conversational tone. You can ask her anything from “Where can I get iPhone repair?” to “Where can I find the best cell phone repair?” and Siri will provide you with the options to get your iPhone repaired.

A Smart App! Because Siri works with nearly all of the built-in apps and uses search and location services to help with any and all of your requests, she will most certainly make you want to use your iPhone even more than you are already do, but of course the more often you use your phone the great opportunity for damages to occur.

When you need iPhone Repair – Contact My Broken Phone today and remember Repair! Don’t Replace!

Money! Repair – Don’t Replace!

Replace Cell PhoneHave you recently cracked the screen of your smart phone? Is it time to upgrade to a new cellular telephone? Looking to get rid of your old cell phones? My Broken Phone has a solution to all of these questions!

Cell phones have become quite an investment these past few years, mainly with the release of Apple’s iPhone, and when yours breaks or is damaged buying a new one is not always be a viable option. Of course in today’s world you have more than one option and the option to get the phone repaired for a far cheaper price than purchasing an entirely new device is in your grasps. The smart phone repair specialists at My Broken Phone offer a simple service you are sure to love.

By following our simple cell phone repair service method you can get your phone repaired like new! Begin by telling us about your damage and uploading a photo of it to us, which we then promptly respond to with a quote. Once an agreement has been made on the quote, simply send us your phone! We then repair it with high quality parts and return it back to you. Fixed.

With over a decade worth of experience in the mobile telephone business, we have seen the evolution of this industry from the boom of the cell phone to the advancements of the smart phones currently dominating the market.

Regardless if you live close enough to stop by one of our locations in Riverview Fl., Lakeland Fl., and Vancouver Wa. or are living on the other side of the country, My Broken Phone is the cell phone repair shop to trust in for repairing or replacing any smart phone or cellular telephone.