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Samsung’s Galaxy S III – The iPhone Killer?

Samsung Galaxy SIIIOne of the hottest phones, and Apple’s iPhone top competitor, on the market today is easily Samsung’s Galaxy S III. Sporting enhanced features, it is designed to make sharing more direct and quite simply, easier. Regardless of your location, sharing your experiences with your friends and family have never been more easy or enjoyable!

The design of the Samsung’s Galaxy S III was no accident. Its sleek design was specifically created to fit comfortably in your hands, regardless of making a call, text messaging, gaming, or watching videos. It was built to fit into your life, which is why a lot of attention and focus went into the development of its performance, making it one the most powerful smart phones on the market today!

Content is displayed on a 4.8” HD Super AMOLED screen sporting an ultra fast response time and displays the content in amazingly saturated colors for crystal clear viewing for everything from viewing documents to watching videos.

Andriod 4.0 OS is more powerful than ever. Having the ability to multitask and perform two activities at once, thanks to the Pop Up Play feature, watching HD videos while gaming or text messaging while surfing the web is totally within your grasps!

S Beam The Samsung Galaxy S III has the S Beam, allowing you to connect through touch. By placing two Galaxy S III phones back to back with one another, transferring photos, videos, documents, and so much more becomes a snap. All it takes is three minutes and you can successfully share a 1GB video file – without Wi-Fi® or a cellular signal.

Buddy Photo Share Sharing pictures has never been the same either, thanks to Buddy Photo Share. The Galaxy S III can recognize the faces of your friends and has the ability to share photos with them immediately. Share Shot is another new and awesome feature that allows you to send photos to all of friends so everybody can get a snap shop of the event!

All-Share Play Another great feature the Galaxy S III comes with is All-Share Play. All-Share Play allows you to share files with other devices, such as a tablet, computer or television, and then access those particular files on those various devices. All-Share Group Play gives you the ability to collaborate and share images, documents, even presentations in real-time among multiple people without having to load files separately. Samsung’s Galaxy S III provides its user with such a convenient and natural way to interact with it, that it fits seamlessly into any daily routine whether your days are hectically busy or you have hours of relaxation time.

Smart Stay The Smart Stay feature allows your eyes to control the screen display. For as long as you are looking at the screen, the display will remain bright and the moment you place it down the display will dim. The forward facing camera keeps a constant eye on your eyes and while reading an e-book or browsing the Internets for example, your Galaxy S III will recognize you are looking at your phone and provide a bright screen.

S Voice Your Galaxy S III does not stop at simply following your eyes, but you can speak to it as well. The S Voice feature enables the Samsung to listen to and respond to your speech. From commanding the phone to take a photo, to answering a call or sending a text message, even requesting to play a favorite song – your phone will jump to life and fulfill the request.

Direct Call The Direct Call feature allows you to easily switch from text messaging a friend to calling them instead. By placing the phone to your ear, the friend you were just text messaging with then get a call from you – By simply placing the phone to your ear!

Smart Alert Never miss a message again! Galaxy S III’s Smart Alert feature will provide constant reminders of calls and messages you missed while away from your phone with a vibrating nudge.

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