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Seriously Siri! – A ‘Personal’ Personal Assistant

guy using phoneWith every new iPhone model that is released, it becomes more powerful and useful than its previous model. It can become tough, keeping up with the advancements that come with every new iPhone release. One of the most interesting advances the iPhone has seen is Siri. Siri was first released on iPhone 4S and currently is incorporated into the iPad 3rd Generation, iPad Mini, iPod Touch 5th Generation, and of course the iPhone 5.

So, what is Siri? Siri is basically a personal assistant. By asking a simple question, intelligent voice-recognition software will respond and can help you to get things done! But unlike traditional voice recognition software, Siri does not follow specific commands that require you to remember keywords. You can speak naturally to Siri and she understands! Additionally, if she needs more information to complete the task, Siri will ask you the question! Siri is still considered to be in beta but will only improve over time with new iPhone releases.

Talking to Siri! Talking to Siri is simple and here is how to do it; Holding down the Home Button will cause two quick beeps and a “What can I help you with” on the screen. Then just speak; the microphone icon will be lit up letting you know Siri is listening. After you have begun a dialogue, tapping the microphone icon again will allow you to talk. Siri also works with headphones and Bluetooth devices, allowing for a hands free interaction. When using headphones, pressing and holding the center button will allow you to talk with Siri and holding the call button will bring up Siri with a Bluetooth device. If your car supports ‘Eyes Free,’ starting a conversation with Siri is possible by pressing a button on your steering wheel. It will wait for you to stop talking but when tapping the microphone icon it informs Siri you are done talking; a very useful feature when there is a lot of background noise. And of course you are able to hold the phone to your head and speak to Siri.

After you are done speaking, Siri displays a text of what you said and provides a response. You can use Siri to give you reminders. For example; “Remind me to call my wife back,” Siri will respond with “What time would you like me to remind you?” It will read back emails and text messages that you dictated to her. These types of options become very helpful when you are driving and do not want to look at the screen. Siri allows you to speak to her in a natural voice with a conversational tone. You can ask her anything from “Where can I get iPhone repair?” to “Where can I find the best cell phone repair?” and Siri will provide you with the options to get your iPhone repaired.

A Smart App! Because Siri works with nearly all of the built-in apps and uses search and location services to help with any and all of your requests, she will most certainly make you want to use your iPhone even more than you are already do, but of course the more often you use your phone the great opportunity for damages to occur.

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