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Tech Accessories: The Good and The Bad

Mobile devices accessoriesThere are so many technological gadgets out there nowadays. Many of us have personal computers, laptops, tablets, and phones. These items stay with us 24/7, like our phones. Go with us on both business and personal trips, are used for work, play, organization, reading and more, and require us to spend a great deal of money. Along with all of these wonderful pieces of technology comes even more accessories for them. You can put an earbud in and chat with a friend without ever having to touch the phone in your pocket. Your car can answer your calls, and at home you can play music from your tablet over wireless speakers sitting in another room. Amongst some of these awesome accessories are also some bad ones; items that companies have marketed to us that we really don’t even need. To start things off, we’ll talk about some accessories we think are great, and why. Then we’ll get to the ones you shouldn’t waste your money on.


Phone Cases (and battery pack cases) With our phones becoming thinner and thinner, cases are becoming a necessity rather than a fashion statement. Most cases today protect phones from being dropped at substantial heights, and taller edges can even protect the screens. If you’re really rough with your equipment, you can spend a bit more and get cases that withstand almost anything, some are even totally waterproof! Battery cases, although sometimes a bit bulky, can give you an extra boost when you are in places where you just can’t charge your phone. Given that they are usually thicker than most cases, they also offer good protection from drops as well. Wireless Keyboards For tablet owners, small wireless keyboards are becoming extremely popular. They are lightweight enough to bring along almost anywhere, unlike some clunky laptops, and make doing work on a tablet much easier. Most can also be used with phones, although this is a bit less common. Wireless Earbuds Many of us use earbuds while working out, cleaning, mowing the lawn and just to keep the outside world out for a bit. Wireless earbuds have become popular recently by not only freeing up your arms and hands, but also by reducing the incidence of damaging them. It’s rather easy to forget about the cord and move your arms and rip the cord apart, or catch it on something as well. Wireless earbuds are a bit more pricey, but likely cost less overall in the long run. Wireless Home Speakers Many companies have created wireless speakers to stream music from most any device. Some even have chargeable batteries built in so that you can take them outdoors; by the pool, while barbecuing and more. They often have great sound, especially if you opt to spend a bit more and go with a good brand. Tempered Glass Screen Protector These new screen protectors, made out of tempered glass, are above and beyond anything we used to buy to cover our screens. For the most part, new phones have Gorilla Glass and are basically scratch-proof, but with these new protectors, they are also drop-proof. Old screen protectors do nothing in the way of protecting your phone’s screen when you drop it.


Screen Protectors As we just mentioned, old style screen protectors are basically unnecessary. Most screens are at least scratch resistant, and most screen protectors don’t even do what their name implies. If you’re going to get anything, spend a bit more and buy tempered glass protectors. Wireless Chargers Here’s the idea behind these…buy a wireless charger to charge your phone anywhere. Well, we think battery pack cases are by far better because they do double duty as extra battery life, and a protective case. Also, remember that the wireless charger itself then needs charging. So instead of just using the FREE charger cord that came with your phone, you are paying for a second charger that in itself needs to be charged. Just seems silly to us. Stylus Does anyone really use these? Overall they seem inconvenient (where do you store them, especially if you are using them for your phone) and gimmicky. Use your fingers, they’re free and made for today’s touch screens. One Handed Phone Holder This is likely a less-known phone accessory, but it exists. And we think it’s kind of ridiculous. Are we that attached to our phones that we actually need to have it attached to our hand? For mankind’s sake, we hope not. (See Here) Universal Charger All we can say is, if you want to charge multiple devices at the same time, these chargers won’t work for you. We think keeping track of your free chargers that come with your device is usually the best option. So there you have it, our top 5 good, and bad, accessories for your technology needs. If you see a new accessory and wonder if it’s something you’ll really use, we hope this article helps you to decide, and likely save some money!