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Text Messaging20th Anniversary With the text message turning 20 it is clear to see how the cell phone industry has grown in the past three decades, from “the brick” to smart phones and being connected to the world from anywhere at anytime. The mobile cell phone industry has taken over and everything from making a call to sending a text message has changed. Businesses are now popping up that specializes in everything from sales to cell phone repair. My Broken Phone is one of those companies – with a location in Vancouver Washington. With text messaging turning 20, we would like to give you some background into what is now a standard feature for all smart and cell phones.

Scape Goat Having been blamed for everything from the decline of human interaction to sore thumbs, and hailed for its succinctness, the first ever text message was sent on December 3, 1992. Neil Papeworth, a software engineer, sent Vodafone director Richard Jarvis the text message that simply read “Merry Christmas,” on his bulky Orbitel 901 cell phone. But as of December 3, 2012 the text message is no longer in its teens, ironically the age group it is likely most associated with. Texting is popular throughout the world, across cultures and groups of all ages. The main reason is because of how simple, concise and compatible it is with every mobile device on the market, from ‘text and talk’ phones to the more complex smart phones. With only 160 characters at just 190 bytes, text messages are not the most glamorous or elaborate, a major reason they so easily become very pervasive. With over 8.6 trillion text messages sent yearly, they have become one of the most used and easiest forms of communications.

On the Decline… Sadly, the text messages 20th anniversary may also be the year in which it peeks. As more and more people switch over to smart phones, they are also switching over to third-party messaging services in order to circumvent wireless carriers costly per text charges. Without paying a sent, users can send numerous text messages with the use of popular apps and services, such as Facebook or Apple’s iMessage. As the industry changes, MyBrokenPhone.com will continue to provide updated knowledge and insight to the many aspects concerned. And whether you are looking to purchase or are in need of cell phone repair, My Broken Phone is the team to contact! Call Us Today!