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The Best Emoji Apps For Apple And Android

Emoticon showing thumb upI have gotten so used to using emoji to text I don’t even know what I would do without it. Sometimes a picture can just speak so much louder (and easier) than words. A smiley face, sad face, heart or praying hands can reveal how you feel without having to think up the perfect thing to type. I’m not the only one who has grown attached to my emoji collection. As of last year, 74% of people in the US used emoji in regular texting conversations. In China, 82% of people say they use emoji to text. (Learn More) If emoji has you feeling like ‘wow’ we’ve got some interesting facts about emoji usage around the world, as well as a few of the best emoji apps worth checking out for both Apple and Android devices. Some of the latest emoji apps even let you create your own emoji characters that look like your twin, or your cat’s twin, whatever you prefer.

Your favorite emoji says a lot about you and what part of the world you call home. According to recent research conducted by Swift Key different countries rely on different icons more than others. Compared with other countries Americans use birthday cake, skull, meat and female emoji way more often. If you live in Canada, you are more likely to use the poop emoji than someone living in any other nation. The French are four times as likely to use the heart emoji, and France is the only country where the smiley face does not rank number one. Apparently, Australia is where the party is at considering Australians use double the amount of alcohol-themed emoji, as well as 65% more drug emoji than average. They are also leading the way for junk food and holiday emoji usage. All around the world the most popular emoji by far is a happy face, accounting for 44.8% of all emoji usage. Sadly, the sad face comes in second place with 14.3% of all emoji usage. After that the following breakdown goes as such: Hearts, 12.5% Hand gestures, 5.3% Romance, 2.4% Monkeys, 1.7% Party, 1.6% Holiday, 1.1% Violent, 1.0% Flowers, 0.9% Clocks, 0.8%

Looking To Up Your Emoji Game? Here Are Some Of The Best Emoji Apps For Apple And Android

If you are sick of having the same select emoji to pick from perhaps it’s time to download a new emoji app. Here are some of the best emoji apps to get you communicating with graphics like never before!

Emoji Free (Apple and Android)

There is a slightly different version of this app available for both Android and Apple, both of the links are included and below and are 100% free to download. Emoji Free offers an array of awesome new icons on your keyboard including animated emoji, emoji fonts, and emoji art. The original emoji keyboard has been criticized for lacking diversity, but this app helps make up for that. These emoji are more realistic and relatable as opposed to traditional emoji, which are an unnatural shade of yellow. There are emoji to represent lesbian and gay couples as well as different races. Download For Apple: Emoji Free Download For Android: Emoji CoolSymbols Keyboard Bitmoji (Apple and Android) This is one of my favorite emoji apps by far simply because of the personalization it offers. Instead of relying on an emoji icon that looks nothing like you, create your own emoji twin! After creating your emoji clone you will be able to pick from a variety of emoji, all of which look just like you. It’s just as much fun creating your ‘Bitmoji’ as it is to actually use it. You don’t have to open up another app to use these icons; instead they are made available right on your keyboard for easy access. Another great perk? This app is 100% free! Download For Apple: Bitmoji Download For Android: Bitmoji

Keymoji (Apple)

Have you ever wondered what a particular emoji actually means? I know I still have a few lingering questions, even about emoji icons I regularly put to use. Keymoji helps clear things up a bit and even offers suggestions for emoji based upon words you provide. Each emoji is listed with its meaning beside it so that it’s kind of like learning a new language. This app is free, but currently only available for Apple devices. Download For Apple: Keymoji

Sliding Emoji Keyboard (Android)

If you have a different phone than your friends you might be sending emoji that don’t show up as planned. Instead of wondering why no one seems to get your emoji humor, perhaps you just need the Sliding Emoji Keyboard app. This app is made so that you can see what your emoji will look like on Android and iPhone. Now you will know exactly what you are sending to people. This app is only available for Android. Download For Android: Sliding Emoji Keyboard

Emoji ++ (Apple)

Save some time in your busy day with the Emoji++ app. Have you ever wasted a solid few minutes just looking through all of your emoji options in search of one in particular? We’ve all been there, which is why this app was invented. All of your emoji will be added to a manageable list so that you can easily find what you are looking for. There is also the option to create a favorite list for your most-used emoji. This app is available to Apple devices for $0.99 Download For Apple: Emoji++

Imoji (Apple and Android)

This app is kind of similar to Bitmoji in that it offers a personalized way to create your very own unique emoji. Instead of designing your own character you take a selfie of you, or maybe your cat. Select and upload the photo of your choice and the app will turn it into an emoji you can use over and over. This app is available for free. Download For Apple: Imoji Download For Android: Imoji