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The Most Common Cell Phone Accidents To Watch Out For

Cell phones help us do nearly everything today but they are also a big source of problems. For one, cell phones cause a lot of accidents… recent studies find 1 in 4 car accidents are caused by a driver distracted on their phone. Not only do smartphones cause accidents out on the road, but also they are prone to accidents. In other words, who hasn’t broken their cell phone before?

The most common cell phone accidents can be avoided, at least most of the time. All that it takes is breaking a few bad habits, like forgetting to put a case on your phone. Or, leaving your phone out on the table during dinner, in which case unless it’s waterproof and shatterproof it’s in danger from elbows accidentally spilling drinks or knocking it on the ground.

You can help prevent a broken phone from ruining your day by knowing (and looking out for) the most common ways cell phone accidents occur.

The Top Risk Rooms In Your House

There are certain rooms in your house that are far more dangerous in regards to the safety of your phone.

-The kitchen is where most cell phones go to die, in fact 22% of all smartphone accidents happen here.

-The living room is in second place, claiming 19% of all accidental cellphone damage.

-Next up is the bathroom, where 14% of cell phones break.

-The driveway claims 11% of smartphones.

-The bedroom is clearly the safest place in your home, where only 7% of cell phone accidents occur.

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According to a survey conducted by gazelle.com, the two most common ways to break your smartphone include:

1. Dropping Your Phone

Being dropped causes approximately 30% of broken phones. It doesn’t take much to drop your phone; you don’t even have to be doing anything dumb. More often than not, your phone just slips out of your hand, glides off a table, or falls out of your lap when you stand up to get out of the car.

2. Water Damage

As much as we know to keep our phones away from water, wet happens. Around 18% of Gazelle readers broke their phone thanks to water, and that number doesn’t even include toilet or bath related incidents.

Quick Tip: If your phone falls in water try turning it off as quickly as possible. Remove the battery cover and place phone in a plastic bag filled with dry rice and newspaper clippings. If it’s warm outside place the bag in the sun to help speed up the evaporation process. If you’re lucky this will help soak out the water and save the day.

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Some phones (Apple for instance) do not have removable battery covers. If your phone encounters water or impact damage, bring it into My Broken Phone as fast as possible. Speaking of Apple…

The 5 Most Common Ways Apple iPhones Break

Apple is among the most sensitive smartphones on the market. Nearly 23% of all iPhone screens are cracked and many more crack every single day. You might think the latest model iPhones are harder to break than ever before, but turns out with each new generation they are getting easier and easier to break. Most cell phones are not made with durability in mind. This means even the littlest mistakes can result in a broken device.

Recent data shows that the average iPhone breaks within only 10.4 weeks of being busted out of its pristine packaging.

According to one study the top 5 most popular ways people break their iPhone include:

43% dropped their iPhone on a hard surface.

35% dropped their iPhone in a toilet, sink, or bath.

32% accidentally stood on or sat on their cell phone.

12% left their iPhone on the roof of their car and drove off—ouch.

10% had their iPhone broken by a child.

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Dear Women, Don’t Let Men (Or Children) Hold Onto Your Phone

Sorry guys, but turns out men are way more likely to break their smartphone than women. Men, you are 70% more likely to lose your phone and you are 57% more likely to drop your phone in a toilet. The bathroom isn’t your biggest problem though, the most common location men break their phone is out in the garage.

Age matters too. Little kids are very likely to break a phone if you allow them to use it. And young adults aren’t much better. Those between 18 and 24 are 16% more likely to break their phone compared to all other users. Maybe this has something to do with all of those college parties going on between these years. After all, the most common ways this age group breaks a phone has to do with cracked screens and spilling liquid (cough, cough, alcohol).

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5 Quick Tips To Protect Your Device

1. Always keep a substantial case on your phone, even if you think your phone looks better in the nude.

2. Do not bring your phone in the bathroom with you. (I know, it’s hard, but you can do it).

3. Keep your phone in a purse, backpack, pocket or somewhere secure when not in use.

4. Don’t set your phone on your lap when you sit down, ever.

5. Buy insurance and back up your device.

What To Do When Your Phone Is Broken?

Is your smartphone broken? If so, bring it on in to My Broken Phone; we fix phones, tablets and smartwatches on the fly, right in front of you. Our 100% transparent process allows you to see your smartphone being fixed right before your eyes. This ensures you get your phone back, and also that no one looks through personal data on your phone.

When a cell phone repair shop takes your phone into a back room you don’t know what sort of data or pictures they might access, or what’s really happening to your phone. The safest, fastest and most reliable solution for any broken mobile device remains My Broken Phone!