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The Most Common Smartwatch Repairs And Issues

Orange smart watch receiving a callWe have been fixing broken phones and tablets for many years, and now we are also busy repairing smartwatches. The latest technology you can wear on your wrist is useful in so many ways but no one has yet to create the perfect smartwatch. In other words there are a still quite a few glitches that need to be worked out. Interestingly, most smartwatches, regardless of brand, tend to encounter similar problems, which just goes to show the issues need to be resolved across the board. Here we identify and help you solve 7 of the most common smartwatch repairs and problems. 1. The Smartwatch Battery Problem Almost all of the current smartwatches on the market are not so good at holding a charge. Cell phones have long created this same exact issue, hence why we all have car chargers and plenty of spare chargers. If you use your phone here and there throughout the day you have no problem. BUT, if you use your devices regularly to send messages, play games on apps, and chat on the phone your phone is not going to last the day. The same can be said for your smartwatch. Your smartwatch will likely decrease the life span of your phone as well. The Pebble Watch, for instance, is said to drain the total battery life of your phone (when synched together) by as much as 30-40% each day. (Pebble Smart Watch Problems) Why Does This Happen? The reason behind this glitch is simple; since your watch doesn’t have that much memory it relies on your phone via Bluetooth to process apps and other functionalities. The more that you use your watch the faster your battery on your phone is going to die. The Solution: Visit the settings area for your watch and remove the apps you are not currently using. You may also dim the watch screen brightness and turn off any features you don’t really need. The less applications running on your watch at once the longer your phone and watch battery will last. Look into getting battery extension packs you can attach to your phone for added battery life. Investing in more chargers to keep handy will also keep your phone and watch from dying in the middle of a busy day. 2. Smartwatch Voice Control Issues 35% of Fixya users that have the Galaxy Gear smartwatch report “hit-and-miss voice control” as the central problem of the device. It’s not just the Galaxy Gear watches, 30% of Pebble watch users site the same exact issue. Fixya’s report detailed the matter saying: “Comparing the voice control and speakerphone issues with other products made by Samsung’s core competitors makes it clear that this is a serious problem with the smartwatch market as a whole. These issues make it no less frustrating to the user, however, and problems such as words being unrecognized by the voice control device cause complications when trying to tap into the smartwatch’s features.” http://www.zdnet.com/article/fixya-users-highlight-the-common-problems-with-their-smartwatches/ The main point of a smartwatch is to make your life easier, and voice control is one way the watch helps you accomplish that. Yet, if voice control isn’t working well it takes some of the ‘cool’ out of your new watch. The Solution: Since a lot of consumers are complaining about these issues smartwatch designers are actively seeking ways to improve voice control. Until the voice control issues are completely cleared up there are ways you can improve your voice control experience. A lot of this boils down to trial and error, using the right voice tone, words and without too much background noise. The video provided here (Video) gives users advice on how they can use Galaxy Gear voice control with greater ease. 3. Sticky Digital Crown On Apple Watch The Apple watch is known to develop a ‘sticky’ crown that basically stops registering every click smoothly. The Solution: According to Apple you should turn your watch off and remove it from your wrist. Then, run the whirligig under warm water for approximately 15 seconds to fix the problem. 4. Lost Exercise Data And Other Activity If you get a new iPhone to pair with your smartwatch you will need to remember an important step in order to prevent all of your hard-earned achievement stickers from vanishing. Otherwise, you will see all of your progress wiped out, even if you took the proper steps to back up your iPhone. The Solution: In order to save your Activity data you have to unpair your Apple watch from your old phone. Then, once your iPhone has been backed up you will reset and re-configure your Apple Watch to your new phone. 5. Installed Apps Not Showing Up If you download an app and notice it is missing or only partially-installed you’ll be left thinking—what the heck?! The app may not appear on your watch and/or smartphone even though you know it is downloaded. The Solution: Remove the app before reinstalling it, first using your smartphone and then on your watch. 6. Bluetooth Not Working It is not uncommon for Bluetooth connection to glitch out, un-pairing your watch and smartphone. If you have an iPhone and Apple Watch you will notice a red phone icon with a slash through it. The Solution: Turn your Bluetooth off and then back on again. This is generally all it takes to get Bluetooth synching your phone and watch back together. 7. Apple Watch Not Sending Or Receiving Digital Touch Sending your heartbeat or a few taps to your loved one is an awesome perk of the Apple Watch, yet some users have been struggling to make the feature work. The Solution: If your watch is failing to send or receive digital touch messages there are two different options you can try. One is to update your message settings on your iPhone; this fixes the issue immediately for many users. Secondly, if it’s just one or two contacts you can’t send or receive digital touch with, try removing and then re-adding the “un-touchable” contact directly on your Apple Watch. (Apple Watch Issues and Solutions) 8. So Many Apps To Manage One Device (The Pebble Smartwatch Issue) The Pebble smartwatch presents the biggest amounts of complaints in regards to using too many apps to manage one watch. The Pebble watch can operate with iOS and Android, and as a result it gets a little complicated. The iOS or Android app becomes your home base for things like texting and receiving notifications from your phone. You will also need an app called Httpebble in order to check the weather, access the Internet, and operate a few other functions. Thirdly, you will need My Pebble Faces, this is a website that operates like a catalogue for third-party watch faces, games and an assortment of apps. That means you need two apps and one website in order to manage one device. The Solution: If you want to go with a Pebble watch you are going to have to deal with this multi-app issue for now. If you are looking to simplify things you may want to consider a smartwatch that operates on the same exact platform as your smartphone. (Pebble Smart Watch Problems) 9. Phone Suddenly Encountering Glitches It is not uncommon for smartphones to suddenly encounter glitches after synching with a new smartwatch. The phone may be struggling to keep pace with the smartwatch, encountering lag time and continually needing to be refreshed. The Solution: If your phone is experiencing glitches your memory may be close to full and your phone is struggling to process everything. If this is the case it’s time to consolidate and delete unused apps, transfer photos to another device, and delete text messages (which can hog up A LOT more memory than often assumed). The Top 5 Problems Experienced By Some Of The Most Popular Smartwatches According to Fixya’s smartwatch report these are the top 5 issues users experienced using the following smartwatches: Pebble, Samsung Galaxy Gear, Sony SW2, and the Martian Passport. The most common issues with the Pebble Smartwatch include: 1. 30% of users complain that there is no speaker/voice control. 2. 25% of users complain about the control buttons. 3. 20% of users complain about app implementation. 4. 10% of users complain about battery life. 5. 15% of users have ‘other’ complaints. The most common issues with the Samsung Galaxy Gear include: 1. 35% of users complain about voice control. 2. 25% of users complain about screen notifications. 3. 10% of users complain about music listening capabilities. 4. 10% of users complain about battery life. 5. 20% of users have ‘other’ complaints. The most common issues with the Sony SW2 Smartwatch include: 1. 25% of users complain about battery life. 2. 20% of users complain about compatibility issues. 3. 20% of users complain about screen lag time. 4. 20% of users complain about display. 5. 15% of users have ‘other’ complaints. The most common issues with the Martian Passport include: 1. 25% of users complain about the speaker. 2. 25% of users complain about screen notifications. 3. 20% of users complain about lack of waterproofing. 4. 15% of users complain about Bluetooth connectivity. 5. 15% of users have ‘other’ complaints. The most common issues with the I’m Watch Smartwatch include: 1. 30% of users complain about Bluetooth connectivity. 2. 30% of users complain about battery life. 3. 15% of users complain about speaker quality. 4. 15% of users complain about software. 5. 10% of users have ‘other’ complaints. (Reference) Need your broken smartwatch repaired? Visit any one of our convenient locations for fast and affordable smartwatch repairs you can count on!