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The Worst Broken Phones Found On Instagram

Everyday, countless people post pictures of their newly broken phones to Instagram, creating a collection of 1,000 ways to die… if you’re a smartphone.

Cell phone repairs are our profession, so we see some BADLY broken phones on an everyday basis. From smashed screens to water damaged motherboards, we’ve truly seen it all. We know how to fix pretty much anything and everything that comes through our doors, but that’s not to say things don’t take us by surprise. Namely, the wild ways people break their devices.

Here are some of the worst broken phones found on Instagram this month, plus how to fix even the worst smartphone messes!

The Classic Shattered Screen

Instagramer Aliceeeccc shattered her phone beyond recognition, posting it under hashtags #brokenphone #brokenheart.

IMAGE: https://www.instagram.com/p/7kxrICA32O/?tagged=brokenphone

The Fix: A shattered screen requires a new replacement screen. The part used to replace the damaged screen must match in quality in order to provide a good, long lasting fit. Trying to remove and replace the screen on your own can end in more damage than good. We can fix a shattered screen in no time; after all we do it on a regular basis.

All The Pieces Go Flying

When you break your phone so badly it shatters into multiple pieces.

IMAGE: https://www.instagram.com/p/BE1rJyYDrtL/?tagged=brokenphone

The Fix: A phone this badly broken may or may not be repairable, it all depends on the type of phone, availability of parts, and any internal damage to the motherboard. Your best bet for fixing a phone this broken is to go somewhere that offers the highest and most extensive level of cell phone repairs.

My Broken Phone offers just that! Not only do we fix everyday broken screens but also we have micro soldering tools to fix more extensive damage to the motherboard.

It Doesn’t Look Broken… But Wait, Yes It Is

Your phone doesn’t have to show signs of physical damage to be broken. This broken Samsung phone is a prime example of that. When a lot of strange icons or error signs start to appear out of nowhere your phone is no longer the trusted friend you depend on and you need help.

IMAGE: https://www.instagram.com/p/BE07KTZAQMI/?tagged=brokenphone

The Fix: A number of internal issues can cause your phone to go haywire. The issue could be related to hardware or software complications. It will likely take an expert technician to identify the exact problem and solution. Depending on the origin of the problem the solution will vary. In most cases there’s a fix, and it’s often a simple one.

Broken Front Facing Camera

When your smartphone’s front facing camera breaks you can say bye-bye to your selfie game… that is unless you get it fixed.

IMAGE: https://www.instagram.com/p/BBvGx0WgRHD/?tagged=brokenphone

The Fix: This problem can be fixed by replacing the front facing camera as well as the entire front screen. It’s important to use the right replacement parts to avoid a forever malfunctioning or poor quality device. No one wants to look bad in their selfies forever… #nightmare.

When You Break Your Phone & Laptop, All In One Day

If you break your phone and laptop all in one day, like Instagramer hayleyyd_, we recommend calling it a night and heading to bed. If you keep trying who knows what might break next…

IMAGE: https://www.instagram.com/p/BAGfkmnMAM4/?tagged=brokenphone

The Fix: Go big when it comes to buying insurance and protective casing for your devices, you’re clearly a walking hazard. Once the damage is already done, bring your broken mobile devices into My Broken Phone for speedy repairs on the fly. If you don’t live near one of our locations you can always mail your phone to us. More info: http://mybrokenphone.com/fix-your-phone-today/

When You Break Your Brand New Phone

Jbwilmoth posted this photo to Instagram with the caption, “Galaxy S7 less than 24 hours after purchase.” There’s no bummer as big as completely destroying a brand new device you just charged to your card, but it happens more often than you might think.

IMAGE: https://www.instagram.com/p/BC61rINEc8L/?tagged=smashedphone

The Fix: A phone that is cracked and displaying strange things on the screen and/or not responding to commands may have internal motherboard damage. The motherboard is in charge of all internal functions and is tucked deep inside your phone for added protection. Still, if you drop your phone hard enough on land or in water the damage can rattle and damage the tiny chips in your motherboard. In order to fix this sort of damage the proper micro soldering tools are required.

Most cell phone repair shops in the US do not offer micro soldering repairs, but My Broken Phone proudly does!

When Your Phone Is So Old It Just Needs To Break Already

If you’re still using a phone from 2004 it’s time to update your mobile device game with a new smartphone.

IMAGE: https://www.instagram.com/p/BE8HidOwxyG/?tagged=smashedphone

The Fix: Invest in some new technology and thank yourself later.

When You Drop Your Phone In The Lake

Water damage is no laughing matter, hence why a day at the beach or lake should always be accompanied by a waterproof smartphone case. Otherwise your phone could be looking like this…

IMAGE: https://www.instagram.com/p/BE1Pl7suLVZ/?tagged=phoneinwater

The Fix: You need to get your phone out of the water as fast as possible, the longer it is submerged the greater the risk for severe damage. Try to dry your phone out by placing it in a bag full of rice. Do NOT use a hair dryer or any other heat source to dry out your phone. Dramatic fluctuations in temperature can actually create more damage to your device. Take your phone to a repair place as fast as possible to see if the damage can be reversed.

We Can Fix Your Phone & Improve Your Day!

My Broken Phone is known for fixing even the most broken phones out there! We also fix smart watches and tablets. Bring your device in for fast on the spot repairs at competitive prices.

We offer micro soldering repairs at our Sarasota and Riverview locations. As a result we can fix broken phones that others cannot. Even if your phone cannot be fixed, micro soldering allows us to retrieve your data in most cases. Thanks to our advanced capabilities and superior team of technicians people from all over the country ship their phones to our stores for superior repairs.