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This Month In Mobile News: Your Vape Pen is Now A Phone Accessory!

Smartphones have become one of the most carried items in our pockets these days, and their capabilities are increasing every day with better hardware and new advances in technology. The smartphone has truly become the digital multi-tool of our generation, and you will be hard pressed to find someone without a smartphone in their pocket and a bevy of useful apps at their fingertips. Now, people are starting to accessorize the outside of their phones with useful gadgets as well and because of this, the niche phone case market has really started to take off. A prime example of this trend is the VQase by Vaportronix, a vaporizer and phone case combo. The multifunctional phone case trend all started with the phone case and wallet combo after many people started sticking credit cards and ID’s into the back of their phone case. Manufacturers recognized the marketability of such an item and started creating phone cases that had everything from just a single pocket on the back to full pocketbooks with credit card slots, ID windows even coin and cash stash pockets. Now, this trend has taken off in every direction and you can accessorize your phone with just about any type of tool you could need, depending on your personal lifestyle. Along with the developments in technology that are allowing our phones to become smarter every year, portable vaporizing technology has also grown and evolved. With these advancements making portable vaping equipment easier to use and more accessible to a mainstream market, vaping is gathering popularity and a battery-powered vape pen is far more likely to be found in someone’s pocket than a pack of cigarettes. Now, we see these two parallel technologies collide in the VQase and VQStick. Vaportronix has always been dedicated to making vaping equipment that is ultra-portable and long-lasting, but they have truly outdone themselves with this unexpected foray into the mobile market. VQase is a housing for a long lasting 1,700 MAH lithium polymer battery that holds and charges your VQStick vaporizer and doubles as a cell phone case. There are tons of reasons why many people will be reaching for this awesome new mobile add-on. Some enjoy the awesome battery life that the automatic recharging case offers for the vape pen, allowing it to stay charged and ready to go for weeks, or even months depending on how often you use it. Others are excited by the extreme discretion of being able to use their vape pen while it is still safely hidden in the case of their phone. Still, others just enjoy the sheer convenience of being able to have two common electronic devices combined into one easy to carry package. If you want to use your vape pen and your phone at the same time, simply pull the VQStick out of the back of the phone case and it will function as an independent unit until you are ready to stow it back into the case and charge it back up. This is in line with the up and coming trend towards modular phone cases as well, making our phones even more versatile and adaptable to any task we might put them up to, even vaping! This mobile trend toward ever increasing multi-functionality doesn’t seem to show signs of stopping anytime soon. New products are being developed every day that push the limits of what we can do with our phones and where we can do it, from software and hardware upgrades that make our phones more durable and versatile, to accessories that up the utilitarian uses of our constant pocket companions even further. Currently, if you’re looking to add vaping to the list of functions your phone can assist you with, you’ll need to have an iPhone 6 or newer. If you don’t have one, why not sell your old phone and get an upgrade. We can help you sell your old phone, and hook you up with a great deal on another one! Call us to check out our selection of refurbished used phones today!