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Video goes Mobile!

Viral Videos! shutterstock_95561590-150x150Mobile smart phones and other devices have taken over in the past decade, and when video became easy to access on the device many people were left questioning whether a TV-Addicted culture would care to watch programs, on such a minuscule screen in comparison to a home television set.

On a near daily basis technology seems to evolve and with it devices from iPhones and iPads and other devices, all offering greater and greater video quality. Plus with the added feature of being able to stream movies and television shows while traveling, more and more people are using their devices to ‘tune in.’ Even in the year 2009, Internet television streaming increased 35% from 2008. 2010 into 2011 saw an increase of 11 minutes that a person would spend watching videos on the Internet and then Internet viewership gained an audience of 6million from 2011 through 2012.

With device apps like Netflix and HULU along with YouTube videos and other news outlets available, more and more people are able to view their favorite music videos or television programs on their smart phones and tablets and computers. To compete with this, television networks are making their way into the only streaming market – providing full episodes, entire clips, or other video entertainment of their viewer-base’s favorite programs.

APPS! Apps have paved the way for videos, television shows, music videos, news outlets and games to be used on phones and other devices. Everyday more and more people switch over to this technology and having the knowledge to operate a smart phone or device is imperative, though awfully simple. With the increase usage of any devices comes the increased risk of damage occurring or it breaking, and when that happens purchasing a new one is not always an option. Most damages are repairable and getting it repaired it a possibility.

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