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About our Sarasota Repair Center

My Broken Phone opened our fourth location in Sarasota, Florida. Since 2014, our Sarasota technicians have repaired, purchased, and sold thousands of smartphones and tablets. As the entire company’s primary depot for motherboard repair and microsoldering, our Sarasota repair center employs some of the country’s top smartphone board repair technicians. If you live in Sarasota, Bradenton, or Lakewood Ranch, we would love the opportunity to show you why our customers love us!

Our Services

Screen Repair in Sarasota, FL

A cracked or shattered screen is by far the most common issue we see on most phones. Don't cut your fingers and stop walking around with a shattered piece of glass in your pocket. We have repaired hundreds of phone screens and can fix yours too. We use high quality parts and a proven repair process all backed by our superb warranty.

Battery Replacement in Sarasota, FL

Batteries break down over time and hold less of a charge. If you have to plug your phone in frequently or the battery doesn't seem to be as good as it used to, it may be time to have it replaced. We can replace your phone's battery and have it working as good as it did when it was new!

Charge Port Repair in Sarasota, FL

Very few things are more frustrating than a broken charge dock on your phone. If your phone will not charge, the charging cable refuses to properly connect, or the connection is loose, this service is for you.

Rear Camera Repair in Sarasota, FL

Arguably one of the most important features on your phone, a broken rear camera can be far more than a minor annoyance. Don't miss out on capturing those high quality pictures. If the rear camera on your phone isn't working right, this service will take care of that for you.

Front Camera Repair in Sarasota, FL

The front camera, commonly called the "Selfie" camera, can stop working properly for many reasons. Sometimes it's blurry and other times the front camera simply won't load. Regardless of the cause, if the front camera on your phone isn't working the way it should be, we can fix that right up!

Home Button Repair in Sarasota, FL

Can't go home? Sticky button? As a vital part of your phone, an improperly functioning home button is an annoyance at best. In some cases it may even render your device completely unusable. But don't sweat it, we are here to repair the home button on your phone quickly and affordably.

Volume Button Repair in Sarasota, FL

Similar to the power button, the volume buttons on your phone may be mechanical and prone to wear or breakage. If your volume up, volume down, or mute buttons aren't working select this service and we'll restore your phone's full abilities.

Power Button Repair in Sarasota, FL

As one of the few remaining mechanical parts on your phone, the power button may stop working over time. Dirt or liquid may make its way inside the gaskets underneath the button and cause it to stop working. Book this service if your phone is having issues with it's power button.

Microphone Repair in Sarasota, FL

If your friends and family have trouble hearing you in phone calls it's probably not your fault. Microphones can get dirty and become quiet over time. In some cases, they may even stop working completely! If you believe the microphone on your phone isn't operating the way it should, book this service and we'll take care of it.

Back Glass Repair in Sarasota, FL

With the up and coming trend of putting even more glass on our smartphones, it's no wonder that we've seen such a large increase in the number of people who have broken the back glass on their phone. While it won't usually cause any functional issues, a shattered rear glass can be an eyesore or, worse, cut you! Select this service to have the back glass on your phone fixed good as new.

Water Damage Diagnostics in Sarasota, FL

Water and other liquids can make their way inside your phone even without it becoming fully submerged. Water-resistant and water-proof phones are still at risk of becoming liquid damaged under certain circumstances. Water damage repair can range from a simple replacement of the affected components all the way to a complete teardown of your phone and micro-solder repairs on the motherboard. We specialize in treating water damaged phones and are highly experienced in motherboard repair.

Diagnostics in Sarasota, FL

If your phone is acting weird or you're having trouble determining exactly what's causing an unusual issue, let us figure it out for you. Our diagnostic service is free for the first hour which, in almost all cases, provides more than enough time for us to diagnose the root cause of whatever issues your phone may have.

Front and Back Glass Repair in Sarasota, FL

Most new phones today come with a glass screen and a glass back. While sleek and aesthetically pleasing, the back glass can break just as easily, if not more easily, than the front screen! My Broken Phone offers a cost effective option to bundle your phone front and back glass repairs today for less money than doing each separately!

Virus Removal in Sarasota, FL

Viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware. Unwanted programs on your computer go by many names, but no matter what they're called or what they do, the computer experts at My Broken Phone will get rid of them!

Tune-up in Sarasota, FL

Is your computer running slow, does it freeze up, or is it low on storage? Our experts can perform a rapid tune-up service to get your machine running as fast as when you first bought it!

Screen Repair in Sarasota, FL

Cracked glass? Discoloration? No display at all? We can quickly and cost-effectively resolve any problems your laptop screen may have!

Custom Builds in Sarasota, FL

From picking parts to installation, you can trust our technology experts to provide experienced and friendly assistance while building your custom rig!

Dust Cleaning in Sarasota, FL

Dust and heat are your computer's worst enemy! Stop by for a quick and thorough cleaning of your computer's internal components.

Memory/Storage Upgrade in Sarasota, FL

Need to store more stuff? Computer running slow? A fast and painless memory or hard drive upgrade may be the solution you need!