iPhone 8 Battery Replacement

iPhone 8 Battery Replacement
Batteries break down over time and hold less of a charge. If you have to plug your in frequently or the battery doesn't seem to be as good as it used to, it may be time to have it replaced. We can replace your 's battery and have it working as good as it did when it was new!

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iPhone 8 Battery Replacement

Is your iPhone 8 battery life not as good as it once was? It may be time for iPhone battery replacement. There are a few things you should check first before seeking out Apple phone battery replacement.

How do I know I need iPhone 8 battery replacement?

You’ve had your phone for a while, and you have noticed that it does not last as long between charges as it did when it was brand new. It might be that the iPhone 8 battery has begun to wear out. This problem starts gradually, so you might not notice at first.

You know you need iPhone battery replacement when the health of your iPhone 8 battery dips critically low. You can check battery health at any time in your phone’s settings. Simply go to the settings app, scroll down, and click on battery. You will see a subheading called “battery health.” Clicking on that leads you to another screen with a few options.

This display lets you know your battery’s maximum capacity. A brand-new iPhone 8 battery operates at 100 percent. Once the capacity has dropped below 80 percent, it is time for Apple phone battery replacement.

There’s another section on this screen you should pay attention to: peak performance capability. You want your iPhone to say, “Your battery is currently supporting normal peak performance.” If it doesn’t give that description, your iPhone 8 battery is not strong enough to run your phone normally. It is instead slowing everything down. If your phone can’t run at peak performance, it is time for iPhone 8 battery replacement.

What if it’s not my battery?

Sometimes you notice that your phone is taking longer to charge than normal or isn’t lasting as long between charges. You check the battery health, and it seems fine. What’s the problem, then?

There are a few other issues that could initially seem like iPhone 8 battery problems. One of these issues is a broken charging cord. If your phone blinks on and off, going from charging to not, while it is plugged in, there might be something wrong with your charger. Try it with another device to determine if that is the issue.

Another problem could be the charging port itself. A sign of an issue with your charging port is that your iPhone will only charge if you set it in a certain position or wiggle the charger around in a specific way. Getting your charging port replaced is different from iPhone battery replacement, but it can be done by the same people. The experts at a phone repair shop will know what is wrong even if you can’t tell the difference between the two issues.

Can I replace my iPhone 8 battery myself?

It is generally a bad idea to DIY iPhone battery replacement. This is because smartphones like iPhones aren’t meant to be easily opened. It is not like the old flip phones where you could open the back and pop the battery out without an issue. Replacing an iPhone battery requires tools and the knowledge of how to do it correctly.

So where can you get iPhone 8 battery replacement? You can always send your phone back to Apple, but that requires going without a phone for days or even weeks. It’s expensive, too. Thankfully, there’s a better solution.

My Broken Phone can perform an Apple phone battery replacement and all other types of cell phone repair. They are fast and cheap but never cut back on quality. The next time you need a new iPhone 8 battery, think My Broken Phone first. Head to their website to find the location nearest you.