iPhone SE (2020) Battery Replacement

iPhone SE (2020) Battery Replacement
Batteries break down over time and hold less of a charge. If you have to plug your in frequently or the battery doesn't seem to be as good as it used to, it may be time to have it replaced. We can replace your 's battery and have it working as good as it did when it was new!

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iPhone SE 2020 Battery Replacement

The iPhone SE, produced in 2020, is Apple’s most affordable iPhone (prices start at $399). In terms of iPhone SE battery life, this iPhone lasts for 13 hours when watching videos, 8 hours when streaming videos, and 40 hours while listening to audio. This phone can charge to 50% in half an hour when using an 18W power adapter. The iPhone SE is water and dust resistance and can withstand temporary submersion.

Unfortunately, battery replacement can be necessary, even in new phones. Whether it is a factory defect or a mistake by the phone’s user, a faulty battery can cause many problems. Luckily, there are many signs that will let a person know that they may need iPhone SE battery replacement. These repairs vary in cost, depending on if a phone is under warranty or not.

Signs For iPhone SE Battery Replacement

Among the many signs that an iPhone SE battery needs replacement, the most common involves iPhone SE battery life. If an iPhone SE has been fully charged and drops to 50% within an hour of use, the battery may need to be replaced. The iPhone could shut down unexpectedly. In this case, the user may try to soft reset the phone by holding the sleep/wake and home button down. If this tactic does not work, the phone might need battery replacement.

Sometimes, an iPhone SE battery life can only stay charged when plugged in. If the phone is unplugged, it will shut down. This is a clear indicator that something is wrong with the iPhone. If the phone feels hot to the touch, the battery needs to be replaced. If the phone has been out in hot temperatures, however, it may be fine. Allow the phone to cool off before assuming the battery needs replaced. If the functioning of the iPhone SE seems slow, the battery could be connected to the problem.

In some cases, the iPhone SE battery will inflate. An overgrown battery can cause the phone casing to burst open, rendering it useless. Avoid puncturing the battery and take the phone to a professional for assistance.

iPhone SE Battery Replacement and Data

While it is not common that the data of an iPhone SE will be affected during repairs, it could always happen. This is why it is recommended to backup an iPhone SE with iCloud. To backup the phone, the user would need to be connected to wi-fi. Go into settings, choose the user’s name, and tap “iCloud.” Then, choose “iCloud Backup” and “Back Up Now.”

Online, battery replacement kits are sold at a low price. These kits may seem legitimate, but most of them offer faulty batteries and cheap tools. An untrained hand could easily damage the iPhone and cause the need for further repairs by a professional. Faulty batteries could cause irreparable damage to an iPhone. A professional will have the correct tools and understanding to accurately fix an iPhone SE.

iPhone SE Battery Replacement Near Me

My Broken Phone offers repair services in Sarasota and Riverview, Florida, as well as Vancouver, Washington. For the cheap price of $69, we can replace your iPhone SE’s battery in 20 minutes. We also offer screen repairs, phone diagnostics, and a great warranty to stand by our repairs. Our years of experience will allow us to quickly and effectively repair your phone. We also offer repairs for iPhone models including the iPhone 4 and above. At My Broken Phone, we pride ourselves on our ability to leave a phone working flawlessly after repairs. For more information on our iPhone SE repairs and pricing, visit our website!