iPhone SE (2020) Screen Repair

iPhone SE (2020) Screen Repair
A cracked or shattered screen is by far the most common issue we see on most phones. Don't cut your fingers and stop walking around with a shattered piece of glass in your pocket. We have repaired hundreds of screens and can fix yours too. We use high quality parts and a proven repair process all backed by our superb warranty.

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Why My Broken Phone?

Our many years of experience has allowed us to constantly perfect the most efficient and effective repair techniques in order to always provide you with the fastest turnaround times without sacrificing quality.
My Broken Phone's quality goes beyond our high-grade parts and meticulous training. Our passion for both electronics and helping others emanates throughout the entire repair process.
Backed by our ironclad warranties you'll never have to worry about your repair. From 90 days to the lifetime of the device, we stand behind our work and have your back.
We have dedicated our careers to repairing electronics and gadgets. If it can be fixed, we will fix it. With loads of experience and constant curiousity, there's no job –big or small– that we'll turn down.

iPhone SE 2020 Screen Repair

The iPhone SE, referred to as Apple’s “most affordable iPhone” is priced starting at $399. This phone is a great upgrade for those who have been using older models of iPhones due to the high prices of newer models. This iPhone has a glass front and back, wireless charging, and is even water and dust resistant.

While this new phone has only been out for a few months, many have already dropped it and experienced screen damage. Screen damage can cause a lot of issues for iPhone users. It can make it impossible to use the iPhone due to the touch screen malfunctioning. Some cracked screens result in black spaces or bars on the phone screen while other screens could render the touchscreen completely unusable. In some cases, the cracks on a phone screen could cut the user’s fingers or hand. For the safety of the user, it is best to look into iPhone SE repair services.

iPhone SE Screen Repair Cost

If a phone is still under warranty with Apple, the iPhone SE glass replacement would cost $29. However, if it is not under warranty, iPhone SE repair will typically cost $130. Some of these services will require that a phone is sent into them, meaning that it could take days to return. However, with My Broken Phone, screen repairs are $109 and only take 20 minutes. Some phone services may charge extremely low prices for repair. However, these services are usually not trustworthy and will use poorly made phone screens for replacement. The right phone service will leave your phone in great condition.

DIY iPhone SE Screen Repair

In essence, buying a replacement kit for a phone screen may seem like a good idea. Many sellers offer cheap replacement kits all over the web. iPhone SE screen repair should never be attempted by a non-professional. When a person with no experience attempts iPhone SE repair, they have great chances of causing even more damage to the phone. The tools that are either provided or bought separately with a replacement kit are often cheaply made, whereas professionals have precise, sturdy tools. When confronted about their kits, the sellers will often refuse to refund the buyer. All the buyer is left with is the need for more repairs and more expenses.

iPhone SE screen repair done by a professional is worth the price. Professionals who have been fixing phones for years will know how to repair a phone effectively without damaging it further. Phone repairs are often done in less than an hour and will greatly boost the life expectancy from your phone. Reputable phone repair services will even include a warranty to stand by their work. Whereas DIY repairs can damage a phone further and cost the user more, professional repair services are generally cheap and reliable.

iPhone SE Screen Repair in Florida and Washington

My Broken Phone offers years of experience with iPhone repairs and is located in Sarasota, Florida, Riverview, Florida, and Vancouver, Washington. We offer an amazing lifetime warranty that will allow us to assist you in the future if your repair requires more attention. For under $200 dollars, we can make a variety of repairs to your iPhone SE, such as battery replacement, screen repairs, camera repairs, back glass repairs, and more. We also offer diagnostic services that are free for the first hour! When you hand your phone over to the experts at My Broken Phone, you can know that your phone will be repaired quickly with precision. For more information on our iPhone SE screen repair and prices, visit our website.