iPhone XR Screen Repair

iPhone XR Screen Repair
A cracked or shattered screen is by far the most common issue we see on most phones. Don't cut your fingers and stop walking around with a shattered piece of glass in your pocket. We have repaired hundreds of screens and can fix yours too. We use high quality parts and a proven repair process all backed by our superb warranty.

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Why My Broken Phone?

Our many years of experience has allowed us to constantly perfect the most efficient and effective repair techniques in order to always provide you with the fastest turnaround times without sacrificing quality.
My Broken Phone's quality goes beyond our high-grade parts and meticulous training. Our passion for both electronics and helping others emanates throughout the entire repair process.
Backed by our ironclad warranties you'll never have to worry about your repair. From 90 days to the lifetime of the device, we stand behind our work and have your back.
We have dedicated our careers to repairing electronics and gadgets. If it can be fixed, we will fix it. With loads of experience and constant curiousity, there's no job –big or small– that we'll turn down.

iPhone XR Screen Repair

The iPhone XR hit the market in the fall of 2018. It brought many new features that previous iPhones did not have the capability for, like face identification to unlock your phone. The X and XR were also the first iPhones without a home button, making the screen larger and extra important. As with many smartphones, the XR may have you searching for iPhone screen repair soon after buying it because of how fragile the screen is. The XR is also glass on the back of the phone, making it even more delicate. Here are some things to know about iPhone XR screen repair, from how to prevent the need for repair to where to find it.

Preventing the Need for iPhone XR Screen Repair

Whether you just got your phone or it already has a few cracks in it, there are some steps you can take to protect it from needing iPhone screen repair. First of all, put a case on your phone. A lot of screen breakages come from the corner of the phone hitting the ground or another hard surface. The crack spreads from there. Keeping your iPhone in a suitable protective case will prevent this. This means getting a case that was designed for your specific make and model of phone, not just jamming it into a phone case that kind of works.

Another piece to add is a screen protector. There are three main types of screen protectors: glass, plastic, and those connected to the case. Glass screen protectors are cheap and effective at stopping your phone screen from becoming scratched or cracked. If your glass screen protector is broken, get a new one as soon as possible. Continuing to use a cracked cover could lead to your phone needing iPhone XR screen repair without you even knowing it, as the lines in the protector cover the damage on the actual phone screen. Plastic covers prevent scratches but not always cracking. Phone cases that wrap the whole way around the phone are very effective in preventing all types of damage.

Apple iPhone Screen Repair or DIY?

You may be tempted to try some do-it-yourself iPhone XR screen repair, but this is a bad idea. The iPhone XR’s screen is very sensitive. Replacing it without the help of a professional will most likely lead to you further damaging your phone. For the XR, you need the screen for everything. The last thing you want is to finish your DIY iPhone screen repair and then find out that your phone won’t even turn on. In general, don’t try to open your smartphone or replace any of its parts. Leave that to the professionals.

Finding iPhone XR Screen Repair Near Me

Once you have majorly cracked your phone, you need iPhone XR screen repair fast. Don’t continue to ignore the problem until you cut your fingers on the shards or find your pocket full of glass pieces when you pull your phone out. iPhone screen repair does not have to take a long time. Try My Broken Phone. Unlike sending your phone away to Apple iPhone screen repair, My Broken Phone’s iPhone repair is fast. By the time you get your phone back in the mail from Apple, weeks may have passed. With My Broken Phone, you are in and out in under an hour. Their iPhone XR screen repair takes an average of only 20 minutes. So what are you waiting for? Go to www.mybrokenphone.com and enter your zip code for the iPhone screen repair shop nearest you.