Moto Z2 Play Repair Services

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Screen Repairinfo

Screen Repair


About 60 minutes.

Battery Replacementinfo

Battery Replacement


About 60 minutes.

Rear Camera Repairinfo

Rear Camera Repair


About 60 minutes.

Front Camera Repairinfo

Front Camera Repair


About 60 minutes.

Volume Button Repairinfo

Volume Button Repair


About 60 minutes.

Power Button Repairinfo

Power Button Repair


About 60 minutes.

Water Damage Diagnosticsinfo

Water Damage Diagnostics


About 60 minutes.




About 60 minutes.

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Our many years of experience has allowed us to constantly perfect the most efficient and effective repair techniques in order to always provide you with the fastest turnaround times without sacrificing quality.
My Broken Phone's quality goes beyond our high-grade parts and meticulous training. Our passion for both electronics and helping others emanates throughout the entire repair process.
Backed by our ironclad warranties you'll never have to worry about your repair. From 90 days to the lifetime of the device, we stand behind our work and have your back.
We have dedicated our careers to repairing electronics and gadgets. If it can be fixed, we will fix it. With loads of experience and constant curiousity, there's no job –big or small– that we'll turn down.

Moto Z2 Play Repair Details

Moto Z2 Play Screen Repair

A cracked or shattered screen is by far the most common issue we see on most phones. Don't cut your fingers and stop walking around with a shattered piece of glass in your pocket. We have repaired hundreds of Moto Z2 Play screens and can fix yours too. We use high quality parts and a proven repair process all backed by our superb warranty.

Moto Z2 Play Battery Replacement

Batteries break down over time and hold less of a charge. If you have to plug your Moto Z2 Play in frequently or the battery doesn't seem to be as good as it used to, it may be time to have it replaced. We can replace your Moto Z2 Play's battery and have it working as good as it did when it was new!

Moto Z2 Play Rear Camera Repair

Arguably one of the most important features on your Moto Z2 Play, a broken rear camera can be far more than a minor annoyance. Don't miss out on capturing those high quality pictures. If the rear camera on your Moto Z2 Play isn't working right, this service will take care of that for you.

Moto Z2 Play Front Camera Repair

The front camera, commonly called the "Selfie" camera, can stop working properly for many reasons. Sometimes it's blurry and other times the front camera simply won't load. Regardless of the cause, if the front camera on your Moto Z2 Play isn't working the way it should be, we can fix that right up!

Moto Z2 Play Volume Button Repair

Similar to the power button, the volume buttons on your Moto Z2 Play may be mechanical and prone to wear or breakage. If your volume up, volume down, or mute buttons aren't working select this service and we'll restore your Moto Z2 Play's full abilities.

Moto Z2 Play Power Button Repair

As one of the few remaining mechanical parts on your Moto Z2 Play, the power button may stop working over time. Dirt or liquid may make its way inside the gaskets underneath the button and cause it to stop working. Book this service if your Moto Z2 Play is having issues with it's power button.

Moto Z2 Play Water Damage Diagnostics

Water and other liquids can make their way inside your Moto Z2 Play even without it becoming fully submerged. Water-resistant and water-proof phones are still at risk of becoming liquid damaged under certain circumstances. Water damage repair can range from a simple replacement of the affected components all the way to a complete teardown of your Moto Z2 Play and micro-solder repairs on the motherboard. We specialize in treating water damaged Moto Z2 Plays and are highly experienced in motherboard repair.

Moto Z2 Play Diagnostics

If your Moto Z2 Play is acting weird or you're having trouble determining exactly what's causing an unusual issue, let us figure it out for you. Our diagnostic service is free for the first hour which, in almost all cases, provides more than enough time for us to diagnose the root cause of whatever issues your Moto Z2 Play may have.