iPhone Repair Near Me

There are currently more than 100 million iPhone users in the United States. These iPhone users make up 45% of all smartphone users in the USA. iPhones are extremely useful to their users for many reasons. They provide a mobile way to work. Instead of sitting at a desk with a phone, people are able to make calls remotely. These cell phones are extremely useful to those who do not use an iPhone to work as well. From an easy, paper-free shopping list to a simple, fast way to connect with loved ones, the iPhone is cherished by many.

At the same time, iPhones can experience many different types of damage. It is extremely common for iPhone users to drop their phones on the ground or in water. Other damages are related to the age of the phone or exposure to extreme temperatures. In these cases, it is best to take a phone to an Apple iPhone repair shop. Repairs should never be done by someone who is untrained, as they could harm the phone more than help it.

Battery Damage

When there are issues with an iPhone’s battery, the user will notice that their phone dies much more quickly than it should. Their phone may be sluggish to use or could only function when it is plugged into a charger. This can easily become frustrating, as nobody wants to have a phone that dies within a few hours of being fully charged. Luckily, battery replacement services are often inexpensive and able to quickly replace a phone’s battery. It may seem like a cheaper option to buy a battery online to replace the old one in a phone, but this can lead to costly damages.

Screen Damage

Without a case, it is extremely easy for an iPhone to slip out of its user’s hands. Even with a case, a dropped iPhone can result in a shattered screen. While some cracked screens pose no problems to its user, others can result in cut fingers or internal damage to the phone. Screen repair services are priced based on the make and size of your phone. Replacing the screen on an iPhone requires a lot of skill, meaning that it should be left to a professional. An untrained hand could easily slip up and cause more severe damages to the iPhone.

Water Damage

The damage can vary when a phone is dropped in water. Some water damage can easily be repaired with a replacement, while other types of water damage result in a total teardown of the iPhone. If a person is lucky, all it will take to fix their phone’s water damage is submersion in rice. Even if this method works, the phone should still be seen by a professional for diagnostics.

Where to Find iPhone Repair Near Me

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