iPhone Screen Repair Near Me

In 2018, Americans spent over $3 billion to fix their smartphone screens. 74% of these phones were dropped on the ground. Even from short distances, falls can greatly damage iPhones. iPhones are very important to many users, as it keeps them in touch with friends, family, co-workers, supervisors, and more. Having an iPhone during an emergency can even help save lives. A broken screen can make it impossible to use an iPhone.

A broken screen can greatly inconvenience an iPhone user. While some broken screens function perfectly, others “kill” parts of the screen and touchscreen, making them unusable or impossible to see. Certain broken screens can even result in cut fingers. These damages obviously can make the life of an iPhone user difficult. This is why it is good to look into iPhone glass repair.

Dangers of DIY Repair

Across the internet, many sellers offer DIY repair kits for iPhone glass repair. These kits are often inexpensive and almost seem too good to be true, which they are. DIY iPhone glass repair kits can sometimes provide the wrong screen replacement or a poorly manufactured screen replacement entirely. These kits often come with cheaply made tools that can easily damage an iPhone. When a person with no training attempts to replace their iPhone’s screen, they can make many mistakes. Most of these mistakes will result in more expensive repairs from a professional. In most cases, when the sellers of these replacement kits are contacted, they will refuse to refund their kits or take responsibility for the broken iPhone.

A professional at phone repairs will have the right, precise tools to help them replace a phone’s screen, as well as the experience to do so without hurting the phone further. Compared to the costs that could be required for a phone that has been damaged from attempted repairs, the normal cost for an iPhone screen replacement is not at all bad. Many professional phone repair services will even have a warranty. A warranty will allow them to stand by their work in case their repairs require more attention in the future.

iPhone Screen Repair Cost

The cost of iPhone glass repair all depends on the model of iPhone and the size of the screen, as well as the severity of the damage. There are two layers of an iPhone’s screen, the glass layer, and the LCD layer. If both are broken, repairs can be more expensive. If an iPhone is still in warranty with Apple, your repair fees could start at $29. Out of warranty, most third party vendors will charge $149 to $599. With My Broken Phone, however, repairs cost below $200.

Locating iPhone Screen Repair Near Me

If you have recently dropped your phone, you do not need to panic. My Broken Phone offers repair services in Sarasota and Riverview, Florida, as well as Vancouver, Washington. We have years of experience repairing the screens of hundreds of iPhones. From the iPhone 4 to the iPhone SE, we can replace your screen for under $200 with a lifetime warranty. Additionally, we offer other services, such as battery replacement and water damage diagnostics. Cracking your iPhone’s screen is never a good experience, but with My Broken Phone, your phone will undergo quick, precise repairs at an affordable price. To find out more about which iPhones we repair and what problems we can fix, visit our website.